2013 Ducati Alstare 1199 Panigale R WSBK Race Bike


The 2013 Ducati Alstare 1199 Panigale R WSBK Race bike is all about perfection thanks to its high technology performance and streamlined design that makes it one of the best superbikes of today. This superbike boasts of a body work made from carbon fibre, piston rods made from titanium and racing exhaust by Ducati Performance.

The 1199 Panigale R is powered by the Superquadro 195HP engine which has been integrated beautifully with the bike’s monocoque chassis. The dry weight of the Panigale R has been reduced to 164kg while its superior electronics give it better precision for easier handling and more power on the race track.

The rider will feel the spirit of the race track once he hops onto the 1199 Panigale R. The LED headlights are made to disappear at the air scoops while the rest of the lighting system is made from full LED which is a first for its kind. The seat of the bike as well as its tail has been jacked up to give room to the exhaust and tail lights which doesn’t ruin the perfect contours of the Panigale R.

The 1199 Panigale R also gives the rider the freedom to adjust the position of the swingarm. When the swingarm is pulled up it will increase the angle of the chain pull which will then extend the bike’s rear shock absorber. This will provide greater drive to the superbike. In case of rain, lowering the swingarm will provide the bike with better stability because the torque application has become linear.

Another feature that the 1199 Panigale R boasts of is the integration of the rider to the bike thanks to the saddle-handlebar height reduced by 30mm while the handlebar’s height has been increased to 10mm and broadened by 32mm.

In terms of stability, the 2013 Ducati Alstare 1199 Panigale R offers 50:50 ration with the rider. This means, that the bike won’t be wobbly on the road or the race track. This was achieved by engineering prowess where all the parts of the bike were evenly distributed for better stability.

There is no doubt that the Ducati Alstare 1199 Panigale R is a bike to reckon with especially on the race track. With features allowing you to choose your riding preferences depending on the weather and road conditions, you can expect to have a smooth ride on the race track with a bike that responds to your touch.

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