2013 Ducati HyperStrada Review

The 2013 Ducati HyperStrada is the newest addition to the Ducati Hypermotard family. Ducati has called this particular bike as a ‘cross-over’ between the touring and the motard worlds. While it is true that the bike is indeed a cross-over model, it is nonetheless being pushed to a mini-Multistrada status. It comes with a three-level ABS and an eight-level DTC (Ducati Traction Control). It also features three different riding modes, which include the Sport Riding Mode (High – 110hp), the Touring Riding Mode (Medium – 110hp), and the Urban Riding Mode (Low – 75hp).

2013 Ducati HyperStrada: Offering Improved Touring Aspects

Since the 2013 Ducati HyperStrada is a cross-over between a touring and a motard model, Ducati has done several improvements on the bike’s touring aspects. One of the differences between the standard Hypermotard and this new bike is the latter’s luggage, which is situated both at the top and the side. The side luggage is quickly detachable and the top case features an additional 31-liter capacity. The thicker and wider seat also significantly improves the bike’s overall touring aspects. In addition to these improvements, the bike is also service-friendly, with the valve needing checks after every 18,600 miles.

Product Specs of the 2013 Ducati Hyperstrada

• Engine: This Ducati bike features a ‘110hp 821cc Testastretta 11° DS V-Twin’ engine
• Weight: The total weight of the bike is 449 pounds
• Colors: The bike is available in Ducati Red and Arctic White

Overview of the Upgrades Done on the 2013 Ducati HyperStrada

There are several upgrades from the standard Hypermotard that this newest addition to the long line of Ducati bikes features. These include:

• Taller handlebars at 20 millimeters
• Thicker and wider rider touring seat
• Dual auxiliary power outlets at 12 volts, making it ideal for heated vests and GPS
• ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)
• Touring windscreen
• Revised and improved front fork suspension
• Comes with the Ducati Safe Package
• Traction Control
• Features a top luggage case that has a 31 liter capacity
• Features a side quick detaching side luggage that has a 50 liter capacity
• Center stand

Is the 2013 Ducati HyperStrada a Good Buy?

Considering all of the additions, upgrades, and improvements done on this 2013 Ducati bike model, it can be a worthy investment to those who are looking for a touring bike, especially at its retail price. This newest addition to the Ducati Hypermotard family retails for only $13,295. While the 2013 Ducati HyperStrada does not feature as much technology as the Ducati MultiStrada, it is still equipped with noteworthy technology.

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