A $3000 Racer Rebate by Kawasaki


Riding a bike has always been a pleasure for some especially when it provides you with the freedom to enjoy the fresh air in speeds unimaginable. If you are a rider who is looking to experience riding a racing bike, you might want to consider what Kawasaki has to offer. It seems that Kawasaki is offering a $3000 racer rebate on their ZX-6R and ZX-10R models to anyone who is planning on buying a roadrace bike such as these two.

The ZX-10R model is actually allowed in any open-class competition while the ZX-6R has been delegated to SuperSport and AMA Daytona Sportbike classes which can be used in many racing competitions like WERA and AFM. Is it possible that Kawasaki is planning on returning to roadracing in America? Apparently not as this new treat by Kawasaki is just to put their ZX-10R and ZX-6R back on the race track which has been dominated by other brands like Honda and Yamaha. Some are asking why there is no rebate for Kawasaki’s Ninja 300. It might be because this model is still enjoying its popularity even with the newer models in the market.

According to the press release of Kawasaki, they will begin offering their Kawasaki Racer Rebate Support Program for selected models. Those racers who are thinking of using either the Kawasaki ZX-10R or Kawasaki ZX-6R can be eligible to receive $3000 as rebate.

Reid Nordin, senior manager of Kawasaki Racing, said that their Ninja models have quite a colourful history on the race track. And with the emergence of Kawasaki’s 636cc engine found in the ZX-6R and the rising popularity of the ZX-10R, Kawasaki knows that its Ninja models are ready for the race track.

Racers who want to join this new deal with Kawasaki should go to the nearest Kawasaki outlet in their area and fill up an application form. The form will then be forwarded to Kawasaki which will be carefully considered to determine whether your application will be denied or approved. If your paper is approved, you will then become part of the Kawasaki Racer Rebate Support Program to get the $3000 rebate.

Kawasaki’s Team Green remains as is even after 30 years have passed meaning that they are still dedicated to bringing to their customers the chance to be included in their family of riders, racers, owners, dealers and technicians that are scattered all across the globe.

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