A Review of the 2014 Honda CTX700


If you have always wanted to experience what it is like to ride a motorcycle the best place to start is the 2014 Honda CTX700. This new model from Honda combines features of both sports and cruiser motorcycles while at the same time adding new technologies to provide its riders with the ideal motorcycle for the best riding experience.

The 2014 Honda CTX700 is easy to handle because of its low seat height at 28.3 inches and a center of gravity that nearly hugs the road. The CTX700 can still be considered as a massive machine with its 494 pound curb weight and five foot wheelbase which give the rider the feeling of a solid and stable ride. The dimensions of the CTX diminishes once you take a seat and when you start its engine and take off, you will notice how lightweight your bike is.

This recent CTX model is equipped with a 670cc Parallel-Twin engine that fires up when you turn the key. You won’t have to worry about any roaring noise since the CTX is quiet and will run smoothly. And because its engine is liquid-cooled and fuel-injected, you will find that this bike is perfect for all kinds of environment setting.

What sets the 2014 Honda CTX700 from the rest is its automated DCT. This new technology helps new riders overcome their biggest problem which is switching gears using the clutch. Instead of the traditional set-up, the DCT replaces everything with easy-to-use push buttons found on the handlebar controls. There are two operational modes for the CTX700 and these are D mode where the gear is shifted upwards based on speed and the S mode or sports mode where the gears are held longer before shifting upwards and downshifting when brakes are applied.

The shifting exchange that occurs whenever you press the up or downshift button happens in just a fraction of a second which means that you won’t notice any big changes in the way you ride. The DCT technology makes it easier for newbies to ride the 2014 Honda CTX700 because of its scooter like controls but at the same time provide them with speeds just like a traditional sports bike. Combine these two and you will have a motorbike that is ideal for all kinds of drivers and at a price that is conveniently affordable for anyone who wants to experience the power and comfort of riding the 2014 Honda CTX700.

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