Aprilia Futura – An Impressive Italian Wheel


When it comes to the twin engine sportsbike niche, Aprilia has something to compete with which is its RST 1000 Futura. This sports bike is equipped with a 60-degree V-twin that is almost the same as that of Ducati’s Twin. Although there were changes done to the engine, like engine mapping and revised ignition, the engine is still capable of producing 112 horsepower at 9250 rpm.

The body of the Aprilia RST 1000 Futura isn’t exactly what you can call beautiful because it has certain angles that are quite garish to look at. Add to this is the fact that is painted in metallic orange and you will already wonder if there is any way that will make you like this bike at all.

Well, for one thing the RST 1000 Futura comes equipped with saddle bags which are highly useful especially if you have a passenger with you. The bags are attached to the rear end of the bike and have straps to secure the lids in place.

Although the fusion of a dated and futuristic look can raise eyebrows, the RST 1000 Futura is actually quite amazing because it has a strong thrust at 5000rpm and its stretching power can go beyond 7000rpm easily. The acceleration of the RST 1000 Futura may not be as good as you expected but this is due to the 462 pounds of body weight.

The rider will have a comfortable seat to hop onto while an instrument panel is installed to help you gauge the terrain and environment easily. Ambient temperature, fuel gauge, time, and other useful information will be laid out before you and with its blue lighting at night, you won’t feel out of sync with your bike.

However, there are some vibrations to be felt with the Aprilia Futura regardless of it being equipped with Anti Vibration Double Countershaft. This can take a toll on the bike and rider itself especially during long bike rides.

Everyone expects their sport bike to give their best and according to Aprilia Futura, their bike is equipped with a 5.5 gallon tank which is ideal for those long rides. The bike is also equipped with adjustable levers that you can use to make you fit your bike better. The sloping windshield installed in the RST 1000 Futura protects the rider from the wind. The side fairings also help in diverting the air around the legs.

The Aprilia Futura may not be the first choice when it comes to Twin sports bikes but it has enough features to impress those who are looking for a sweet ride for long distances.

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