Aprilia Shiver 750, the best deal of the time!

Aprilia has recently revised the price of the Shiver 750. Displayed now € 6799 without ABS, the midsize Italian roadster becomes one of the best bargains of the moment! Strengths, weaknesses, test, reliability, opinions of the owners, budget, and competition, here is a summary of everything you need to know about Aprilia Shiver 750 … before rushing to your dealer?

Appeared in 2007, the Aprilia Shiver 750 was launched in haste by Aprilia. The chassis of the bike lacked focus, with an agreement for improvement of suspensions. The fork is very soft lacked finesse in hydraulics, braking too hard and plunging. The front brake was too little too progressive.

The all-new electronic throttle was also rough: when cutting the gas, the persistence of net gas made ​​him uncomfortable. Ride by Wire system that was chosen at the outset of the design of the V-twin, to participate in the cleanup and provide a mapping multimode rain, tourism, sport.

In 2008, electronics rose. In 2010, the line has evolved into a sporty – but less of sobriety – and depreciation laws were reviewed, as are the ABS sensors. The latest updates of mapping have finally advanced approval of the engine and reduce power consumption. Note that these can be applied to the first models using the diagnostic tool Aprilia. An advantage of electronics

Reliability: Muscular, the twin of the Aprilia Shiver!

Now with several years of hindsight, we know that reliability is the rendezvous. The V-twin has had no concern, and there are only a few electronic bugs (including the dashboard) and other evils now controlled youth now well known to the network. As the weak light switch – failure “to 1.50 €” some say foremen – or weak fork springs may be replaced on early models. The Aprilia Shiver 750 seems “built to last.”

Aprilia Shiver 750: Highlights

The price / equipment / build quality is now one of the key arguments of the Aprilia Shiver 750. Sold € 6799 without ABS, it offers a finishing equipment and beautifully crafted face competition often worse off. The aluminum frame, adjustable mapping, the overall quality is very rewarding in that price range.

The authorization engine is also one of the highlights of the Aprilia Shiver 750. Torque, flexible, rounded mid-range: it is a mechanical rather lively and pleasure every day. Note that the advertised power to 95 horses is a bit optimistic, according to our measurements on the bench.

Comfort is the appointment: saddle and suspension spare driver. Especially suitable for housing suitability ergonomics and jigs and old ways; this is not the case today motorcycles often entry-level thoughts for small (s). In fact, the Shiver is a motorcycle quite versatile, everyday use, pleasant on the highway and not sad in sport mode, with accelerations almost too bright.

Aprilia Shiver 750: Weaknesses

Rolled in fast pace, the Aprilia Shiver 750 is very healthy, even showing a good stability on the corner. But it does not show its best attacking “like a pig”. Changes support or brutal braking limits are not his cup of tea.

Chapter practice, the heat from the pot under the seat becomes uncomfortable in the summer for the passenger. With 6.03 l/100 km (average consumption recorded in the Maxitest) you drive 198 km before reserve. For some it is a little short especially as the fuel gauge tip conspicuously absent.

The turning radius, too large, annoy the most urban. The Shiver GT, it was announced that the redesigned for 2011, has not been reviewed and its protection is somewhat limited long haul. The engine and the comfort of the Shiver would have deserved a more protective fairing.

Finally, in recent years, the image of Aprilia was tarnished by a chaotic management of the service and parts supply. Things back to normal, but the mark is likely to drag the pot for a long time.

Aprilia Shiver 750: Competition

At this price level, and not based only on new models to be fair, the Shiver has little fear of competition. The Honda CB 600 F Hornet (€ 6690 without ABS) is a great bike, sporty and dynamic, but lacks torque and comfort with the Shiver. The Kawasaki ER-6N (€ 6499 without ABS) is bubbly and cheaper at the pump, but far less rewarding and enjoyable mechanical side. A € 5 999, the Yamaha XJ6 base without ABS can count on a rate floor, but the finish, equipment and licensing motor back. It is also XJ6 is a bike tire beginner probably faster than its owner Shiver offering over resource.

Aprilia Shiver 750: Your opinion in Maxitest latestbikesinfo

“I had not considered this bike before the test. I was pleasantly surprised as to sign the check for a Shiver, the more uniform and pleasant in its class – and even outside class – in my opinion.”

“Mapping 2011 permanently removes the jolts of the injection at low speed models 2008/2009. Replacing fork springs by more progressive models: the suspension agreement is thereby significantly improved.”

“The Ride by Wire makes the engine for a twin extra soft. Transmission is a bit long of origin, as all the current bikes.”

“Good size and speed commands me think that it’s solid. Finally a motorcycle whose seat available (reasonably high) and whose position still leave room to move. The legs are rather unfolded, the handlebars are wide (model 2009). “

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