Aprilia Shiver 750 vs Ducati Monster 796

The Ducati Monster 796 may well be brand new; it already has a very promising picture, almost a motorcycle “bankable” for Ducati. But the monster Bolognese is no longer alone in the Latin kingdom of roadsters. The Aprilia Shiver 750 has many qualities to walk in her flowerbeds. Here is a duel of divas, a follower of the easy success, another on the rise … Who wills the Oscar?

Aprilia Shiver 750 vs Ducati Monster 796: The comparative

This is our second match of 2010 roadsters approaching the new flagship 800 cm3 displacements. After our third Triple/FZ8/F 800 R Street (which had managed to impose), here is a new pair to dial our relent aces, Italian one. The new Ducati Monster 796 now sees himself challenged by the Aprilia Shiver 750, freshly upgrading. The Ducati is an icon for many people, this model impressed people as much as the 916 in Superbikes. Now she wants to be more mature, more accomplished, too, although Ducati has made almost a clean slate in 2008 during the revision of the family.

The Ducati Monster 796 sets of manufacturing quality and most rewarding of selected materials (aluminum for beautiful rims, Brembo radial brakes on a serious fork): frankly successful. But the new 2010 Aprilia Shiver 750 nothing wrong either, far from it. Fairly recently, it was probably too commercialized “in a hurry” three years ago. Improved on several points (forks, including electronic throttle), it is passed back through the box “development” and the year 2010 improves this cocktail so obvious. Less European-style, presumably to attract a wider audience, the new Aprilia Shiver 750 offers a mix of technology (electronic accelerator support, three engine maps), a rich and assembly equipment also very serious. All with a particularly aggressive investment rate see if it offers enough arguments to sway the inflexible Ducati, sure of her physical.

Two visions of Italian pleasure

These bikes reflect two different visions of the Italian roadster. The Ducati Monster wants to be very typical; the designers in charge of the project are even forced to retain the distinctive line, which is a signature domed tank. It follows a special ergonomic, though increasingly “soft”. It’s a bike low and very compact with 1.70 m; we put almost two feet flat on the floor. Offering the same seat height on paper (800 mm), the Shiver asked a few inches more to feel at ease during stops. Especially since Kerb weight is also higher by 33.6 kg (verified by us). This is not anything. Fortunately, the Shiver has an ergonomics (the famous saddle triangle – handlebars – footrest) rather versatile morphology following the pilot. This is one we have found the less demanding position, despite very different templates. Then come the time of the grip. And then, surprise, the Shiver which was expected to overwhelming dominance, does not that much distance the Ducati.

Indeed, the Monster, much more compact and lighter, offers a surprisingly short turning radius and a clutch support (APTC) much milder than the Shiver. In fact, The Monster almost usurps its name: it became quite easy to drive! Shiver the other hand offers more mechanical docility. His twin agrees to resume lower, to a big 2000 r / min without any hiccups on the interim reports. The Monster claims its 3000 rev / min for not issuing anti-mechanical noise. Daily, days of rain on the wet cobblestones, for example, the Shiver will be more conciliatory. At worst, simply switch the mapping mode Touring or Rain, to limit the sliding primers. As for safety, both bikes are equipped with ABS. Disconnect able only on the Ducati, braking also has more power and feeling of this Monster. The Shiver is characterized by a less accidental triggering of the ABS in the rear.

Sportsmanship, Monster!

Road, depending on the route, trends and the characters say. The inevitable stretch of highway can understand all the merits of the declination of the Shiver GT and imagine that Ducati could do the same with the Ducati Monster 796. Relaxed position, less vibration, filled engine, more comfortable saddle, the Shiver has everything to win a cruise, especially if you travel in pairs. Monster distills the small vibrations that parasitism members, the legs are folded over, eventually only the most supine position or the engine running near 1000 r / min slower proves favorable to the exercise motorway, which is almost a cons employment for the roadster Bolognese.

End of the tape straight: welcome to the secondary network! Three terminals turns well coated and the Monster tries a breakaway. Longer (against all odds) of 10 mm in wheelbase, but more closed geometry (24 ° against 25.7 °) and especially much lighter, the Monster plays with beautiful curves. The attack, it’s really his thing. Advantageously floor of Pirelli Diablo Rosso (against Dunlop Qualifier on the Shiver), it draws arabesques without restraint. The pilot experience will delight in this chassis with running gear most accurate. You always know where you place his front tire, in millimeters, and can overshoot without any great cop … Just have to whip this rather sharp twin, who appreciates that he finally “goes inside”. In sport use, the Monster 796 is savored from 6 000 to 9000 rev / min in a characteristic rattle. Where the hell are past the curbs!

The Shiver is far from being dropped

Five meters behind, not much, the Shiver follows without showing off. Certainly, it gives less inclination to attack. Softer suspensions, it sways a bit when changing angle, settles more during hard braking, but it is far from being dropped. Agreement with a sportier suspension, she could probably compete. Despite its marked overweight, the Aprilia still has a great agility, turns easily from one angle to another and even has better speed cornering, subject to a pilot cast.

Its engine is also much more conciliatory. The range is more extensive, whether or not sporting pace. The Shiver agrees to roll into a sixth less than 5000 r / min without complaining and without stimulus difficulty. While crossing the villages requires re-enlist many reports on the Ducati, Aprilia folds better through exercise. At times, the engine full of Shiver allows him to dominate the Ducati without challenge, regardless of the plan or report. However, inspection of power curves, we did not expect such a good time. The Ducati, on the other hand, suffers by its nature more pointed and its reduction (too) long.

In lack of autonomy

Unquestionably, on poorly paved road, the Shiver has a damping cozier. It is easier to control and is navigated easily improvisation. Few cables behind the Monster keep up the pace, but the arms and shakes you vigorously mass hindquarters! This remains livable, rather than on the first generations, but hardly pleasant. Phew, so a new portion circuit, gas! Oh look, the LED flashes reserve already. Yes: if these two bikes can exceed 175 km before turning their reserves wrapped in a rhythm, it can quickly descend into sporty driving, especially as the capacity of the reservoirs is limited (13.5 l. returning to a more leisurely pace, the Aprilia Shiver is based as much as it seduces. The Ducati, meanwhile, expects gasoline or break a cafe to exhibit his full form and let its driver to relax.

Appraisal: What if a star was born?

Clearly, the Shiver looks less sexy on paper than the Monster. However, more consistent and versatile, it plays almost any terrain and is logically necessary in our table of notes. Although not as incisive as the Ducati Monster 796 in use in sports, she looks good in moments of madness (reasoned.  …). And to cut the road or rally in the workplace, the Aprilia is the maximum. A driving, Ducati certainly retains a real ambiance, with its typical sound side and the scalpel of his chassis. But if he will be an enjoyable half the time, the Monster needed to exercise self-denial the other half. Moreover, he charges quite expensive brand image and its beautiful workmanship. Sold € 9690 in the ABS version, the Ducati Monster 796 costs € 1,291 more than the Aprilia Shiver 750 it sold € 8,399 (excluding premium recovery Aprilia). It’s still a lot, but fans of the Monster certainly do not care…

Aprilia Shiver 750

Ducati Monster 796

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