BMW R1250GS liquid cooled 2013: New photos – less – stolen!

As we approach 2012, the Web lets in some pictures of the BMW R1250GS future liquid” (water cooled), with a revised chassis and aesthetically retouched, without denying the legacy GS. And fans of the Gelande Strasse rest assured: even water-cooled boxer engine rest of the game. The honor is safe!

It’s no secret: the stolen photos that appear regularly on the Internet generally are carefully orchestrated leaks by the manufacturers themselves. Thus, the quality pictures of the BMW R1250GS Future 2013, posted by Rana Abaidullah some on his Facebook page, leave little doubt of their origin semi-official. We already know for some time that BMW is working on a new boxer engine liquid (water-cooled or water cooled), the current version having arrived at the end of development in 2010 with the adoption of twin shaft yokes.

In addition, new Euro 4 pollution standards will soon show the tip of their nose – probably by 2016. Manufacturers motorcycle / scooter no longer hide the air-cooled engines may live their last years – at least with respect to the big guns – because they regulate their temperature less, suffer from hot spots and need to be resolved very poor … So the move to liquid cooling it seems an inevitable outcome of the big bikes in the medium term.

BMW R1250GS or R 1300 GS “water” (water cooled)?

At BMW, the privilege of receiving the new boxer engine (flat or flat-twin twin) cooled water would at first to the iconic GS. What could be more normal after all, given its status and its commercial-scale warming. So, there are several things about these pictures, overlapping with the techniques that are already circulating rumors about him. The increase in displacement on the BMW R1250GS 2013 would be about 50 cm3, while the cooling water is low in capacity, or the inclusion of a fairly compact radiator behind the front Telelever suspension.

Maintaining the architecture of the boxer engine, BMW maintains an inherent advantage in terms of the mechanical cooling though, to meet future standards, it is necessary to effectively cool the engine in all phases of its use, even motorcycle off. Additional observations on some shots that admission is no longer in the back but on top of each cylinder (this would allow it to draw more straight intake ducts, pledges better performance?). The card-an shaft drive and changes sides, as the exhaust outlet. The boxer engine has been preserved for its advantages in terms of lower center of gravity, its relevance to the BMW chassis and no doubt, by the image that the typical BMW engine has imposed to users.

The new BMW R1250GS 2013

Side chassis, BMW is not going to revolutionize what is already working very well on GS today, but back to the set level on the BMW R1250GS: Telelever, Paralever and ESA will no doubt still in the game, as the wheels at 17 and 19 inches. We also discovered on these pictures the arrival of brake calipers radially mounted. The final line of the prototype BMW GS water cooled – not to mention pre-production bike – gives us a good idea of the aesthetics of the final version, with headlights and a bubble reviewed. The BMW R1250GS will they be less daring than their elders in terms of style? It remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: a new chapter in the history of the GS is about to turn!

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