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Jimmy Kimmel Gives the World and a Pedego City Commuter to Good Samaritan

To celebrate Earth Day, Jimmy Kimmel gifted this good samaritan the world, followed by a brand new Pedego City Commuter! Follow this link to see the video clip: Jimmy Kimmel Live celebrates Earth Day by giving away a Pedego The Pedego City Commuter is the perfect mode of transportation for people needing a quality electric bike […]

E-Bike: Brammo Empulse R

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Test-drive an Empulse R if what you’re looking for is a high performance electric motorcycle. This e-bike is the top-of-the-line model in a trilogy series of water-cooled electric motorcycles introduced in the market in 2010. The Empulse trio rolls out of the assembly lines of Brammo Inc. based in Ashland, Oregon, which also builds supercars. […]

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E-Bikes: Zero FX, Fastest Accelerating Motorcycle

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The global leader in electric motorcycle is releasing this year its newest E-bike, the Zero FX, aimed to become the fastest accelerating electronic motorcycle ever made. People nowadays are becoming more and more concerned about the environment. This is why there is now a trend to reduce the carbon footprints left by man. One way […]

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Dane Hanebrink’s Hustler X5

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If you want to keep an electric bike but with greater speed, Dane Hanebrink’s Hustler X5 is just the right one for you. It can post a speed of 80 miles per hour, not bad for an electric motorbike. Not only does Hustler X5 gives you great speed, it also come with a battery pack […]

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Honda’s Concept of Oree Electric Motorcycle

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A futuristic electric motorcycle is something every environmentally conscious rider would love to have. Honda Oree is a concept electric motorcycle model exhibited in 2008. It’s a zero emission two-wheeled cruiser designed by two German design students who are motorcycle enthusiasts themselves. The peaceful hum of an ultramodern ecologically friendly vehicle is the trend that […]

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Latest Electric Hybrid Car-Motorcycle revealed by Danny Kim

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Recently business insider published article about “All-Electric Hybrid Car-Motorcycle Could Change Transportation” Danny Kim, a transport research worker and a project manager, revealed a prototype of its C1, a fully electric cross between a car and a motorcycle made by his startup, Lit Motors. Lit Motors are one of dozens start up which compete for […]

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Honda Launched RC-E Electric Superbike Soon

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Honda Latest News : Honda launches distinctive concept bike as part of its upcoming Tokyo Motor Show Display 12th November 2011.Caused a stir by releasing photos and information on their upcoming Tokyo Motor Show Honda ad was the “RC-E” concept bike. Part of the company’s booth concept of “What makes people feel good?” at the […]

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Andy BMC Steps In The E-bikes With Stromer

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BMC E-bikes News : The handshake between Andy and Thomas Binggeli marks the entry of International Sport Holding AG in the e-bike market. Andy Rihs brings the ‘BMC‘ (winning team in the 2011 Tour de France) and “bergamot” Marks, Thomas Binggeli successful in Switzerland E-Bike “electricity” under the umbrella of the International Sport Holding. BMC […]

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E-bikes Facing Bane On Area Trails

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Latest e-bikes News : Local politicians are considering banning e-bikes on a surface trails, including the Kate Pace Way. Proposed trail restrictions are to vote next week Several Council members agreed Monday during the deliberations of the committee that power-assisted bicycles on roads due to their high weight and high-speed capabilities compared to other road […]

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