Dane Hanebrink’s Hustler X5

If you want to keep an electric bike but with greater speed, Dane Hanebrink’s Hustler X5 is just the right one for you. It can post a speed of 80 miles per hour, not bad for an electric motorbike. Not only does Hustler X5 gives you great speed, it also come with a battery pack with a range of over 200 miles.

And riding Hanebrink’s Hustler X5 gives you a look of speeding in a racing motorbike but better. Completed with a full set of removable fairing, it has the great ability to hit corners really low. If you prefer to use pedals, Hustler X5 fits your needs as it has bicycle pedals that are perfectly usable with all its fairing.

Some reviews raise concerns on whether or not Hustler X5 could qualify for a bike or a motorbike. With a pedal as one of its added feature, one can simply turn it off if you feel like using a muscle and pedal your way home.

The creator of X5, Dane Hanebrink described the incorporation of pedals in his interview with Gizmag in October last year.

He said, “The bike has operable pedals, and can be pedaled, with the belly pan of the fairing removed. Pedaling does, however, reduce the range and speed (efficiency) of the bike (in a pedaling position, the increased aero drag more than cancels out the benefit of pedaling).”

The muscle for Hustler X5 by Crystalyte 5303 Mid Motor is paired with a 14-speed transmission. With its weight at 120 pounds (54 kg), X5 has a dual-suspension monocoque chassis and four lithium-ion battery packs. It is also combined with 6061-T6 aircraft-grade seamless aluminum tubing and a waterweight sheet aluminum box section that houses its four Li-ion Nickel Manganes Cobal liquid-cooled AllCell batteries. Your own Hustler X5 is made complete with inverted triple clam coil/ hyrdraulic front forks, and swing arm near suspension with air adjustable hydraulic shocks. It also has four piston hydraulic brake and tubeless 20×8 tires.

The bike features 14-speed transmission, inverted triple clamp coil/hydraulic front forks that according to Hanebrink “allows the rider to adjust for corner entry reaction from very quick to very stable or anywhere in between.” The X5 has seven inches (177 mm) of travel and monocoque swing arm rear suspension with air adjustable hydraulic shocks.

Found at the rear of the e-bike is the Avid hydraulic disc braking while placed in front are the Brembo four piston hydraulic disc brakes for your convenient use. The X5 also sports a 20 x 8 x 8 inch rear wheel. The front wheel however, gives it a stronger look at 120x180x14 Moto GP tire.

Hanebrink claimed that the aero design of (X5) bodywork greatly benefit speed, range, safety, and comfort, and provides convenient compartments to carry needed items.”

So what are you waiting for. Have fun while keeping your environmental credentials at Hustler X5 e-bike!

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