Ducati Diavel Test, A Powerful Cruiser

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Driving position, a few finishing details perfectible

Each manufacturer is facing a critical mass that causes it to expand its range, find new customers and increase its production history to establish its profitability. Ducati is not an exception to the rule, hence the existence of the Multistrada, the Hypermotard and most recently the Diavel, which at first suggests a little in the range of the Italian brand.

And it is true that with its appearance of a power cruiser that associate directly with Vmax and other VRod Muscle, or 240 of its enormous Gommard who fear the first corner, we are far from the standards to which the Italian firm we was used. It is therefore with great interest and distrust that surprising Ducati was expected at the turn. Who says power cruiser said power, and Ducati has hardly megote on this plan since the Ducati Diavel is powered by the renowned Testastretta Superbike inherited, and mounted on the Multistrada. The L-twin therefore includes 1198cc displacement, dual overhead camshafts desmodromic valves, four valves per cylinder, electronic fuel injection, water cooling (given by two side radiators). Finished the dry clutch and his infernal rattling noise, the Diavel has a hydraulic clutch. All power is enhanced respectable 162ch to 9500 rev / min, and 127.5 Nm of torque peaks at 8000 rev / min. As a reminder, just Mutlistrada (!?) 150 hp and 118 Nm

The attributes Ducati

The Diavel inherits all the electronic improvements, with ABS, traction control and configurable choice between different engine mappings. It takes a bit to apply in the handling of different buttons, ergonomics has clearly not been thought out by Apple No real surprise on the chassis side, the Diavel combines elements of tubular lattice dear to the brand, complemented by cast aluminum decks. The suspensions involve a Marzocchi inverted fork Ducati Diavel front (diameter 50) while the single-sided rear is connected via rods to a single shock Sachs arranged horizontally under the engine. All this is not a power cruiser, except … except that the designer leaves no doubt: an aggressive style to perfection, almost outrageous with his saddle hanging over the huge rear wheel, a wheelbase of 1.590mm its angle hunting of 28 °, we are dealing with a power cruiser pure juice. And with such a Gommard, it has serious doubts on the road approval. This is where we have it all wrong! Driving pleasure brought by the Diavel is second to no other brand models.

Ducati diavel The pleasure

Different, of course: a Diavel does not handle as a Monster or Hypermotard, but is light years ahead of its direct competitors. Only the Vmax and the Rocket III Roadster also offer driving pleasure, on a non-existent muscle or power cruiser Japanese. But a Vmax or weigh Rocket III at a minimum one hundred or one hundred and fifty pounds heavier, and it changes everything! The Diavel bluffing his world by efficient behavior, which severely broadens the scope of this unusual bike! While the tire 240 feels a bit when setting the angle, but just barely. Once found the “trick”, it turns almost as easily as a roadster, and large Pirelli will not detract from the excellent handling of the Ducati, which shall devour the terminal on all routes with equal success. Directional stability at high speed Ducati Diavel impressive (yes, the Diavel amounts to more than 250 km / h without showing any instability!).

Ducati diavel is the best?

Even the city truly does not make it afraid, with a turning radius quite correct. In use, we will find perfectible driving position, a low saddle between inherent in this type of gear and the footrest placed high enough to allow ground clearance that allows to exploit the capabilities of road the beast‘s legs are bent as desired, tiring in the long run. We would have preferred a bit more high saddle and footrest a few inches back, especially as the handlebar is released quite forward. We will feast by cons of free accelerations dished out by this wonderful engine, temperamental and focusing on hope, and distilling a soundtrack which one never tires not for a moment, as well as the acceleration deceleration.

No doubt, the Italians have a knack for mechanical to blackmail! The electronic management allows driving more calmly with 100hp, and do not worry, it does not limit the fun. The intervention of the traction control is rather intrusive by cutting the power abruptly. All this lack of subtlety, but at least avoids the ticket on the ground.

The Ducati Diavel is worth far more than it leaves appear. Mouth of a “devil” but also enjoyable qu’exploitable behavior: a faultless performance, except for some finishing details perfectible, and probably one of Ducati‘s most enjoyable to ride at all times!

Ducati Diavel: Repeat after me:

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