Ducati Streetfighter 848 vs Triumph Speed Triples R: The war of the R

In 2012, the news Ducati Streetfighter 848 intends to democratize the concept of sporting roadster (very) exclusive initiate by Streetfighter 1098. The “small yellow ball” will find on its way Triumph Speed Triples R, derived sharpened English roadster. Of these two motor bikes passion, which is most relevant? Most intoxicating answer with this compares Motor bike-Station between road and circuit.

Ducati Streetfighter 848 vs Triumph Speed Triples R: The comparative one

It is 1 p.m. 30 spent, we approach Folembray, where we hope to decide between two beautiful vintage sporting roadsters 2012: Ducati Streetfighter 848 and Triumph 1050 Speed Triple R. increasingly difficult Chose on road, taking into account the need for rolling “in the nails”, but also of the level of effectiveness reached by these sharpened motor bikes, which approach the true sporting ones more and more.

Only here is, Ducati Streetfighter 848 seeks to be rectified in curve, pitches from left to right on straight line… There is a trick which bell. Stop at the service station nearest: gosh, the back tire is as soft as tastiest of the tiramisu. Fortunately, we will be able to repair on the spot and to carry on our way towards the circuit axonais.

Heavyweight against size of wasp

Draped in unusual an enough orange yellow for Ducati, the 848 Streetfighter imposes some. Race, ultra slender for a motor bike of this cubic capacity, it reveals a physique which belongs only to it: raised croup, headlight posed on the front mudguard, driving equipped with black sunken to the shoe-horn within the framework lattice, enormous water radiator divided into two – and of which the low part is extremely exposed… In short, it makes very to be pointed out.

The Triumph 1050 Speed Triple is not sad either: Triumph managed well to emphasize it, this version R. Boucle back red, parts out of carbon, Ohlin’s suspensions and clamps radial cast solid Brembo: gears of Superbike! Speed’ R does not remain about it less bulky, broad, massive on the level of the tank. A visual impression which is confirmed in saddle: the thighs are isolated and to move the motor bike with the stop of the end of the feet is not simple considering its weight checked all full facts: 219.4 kg are 20.4 of more than Italian. That made heavy the cylinder moreover! Streetfighter is operated more easily: very fine but higher from saddle (840 mm compared with 825 for Triumph), she benefits from her compactness and her featherweight.

Two opposite mechanical philosophies

Contact: the twin-cylinder in L of Ducati let’s escape its singing exercises well not very discrete. Although was re-examined for more flexibility compared to that of Superbike 848 Evo, the block Testastretta 11° always imposes instructions. And that reassured me to see however tried out Midi “ratatouille” at the time of its catch in hands. The Ducati Streetfighter 848 knocks under 3000 tr/min, and grazes particularly cold. It is also necessary to compose with a typified ergonomics, with a broad handlebar giving the feeling to hold the front wheel axle directly. For as much, the Ducati Streetfighter 848 is less diverting that Streetfighter 1098, more extreme still.

With the handlebar of Triumph 1050 Speed Triples R, one evolves in a more suave world. Softer levers, accelerator easier to proportion whereas mechanics climbs in temperature, box in Net progress compared to the former generation, ergonomics and the shape of more classical handlebar. In short, Triumph is more obvious to take along. If a pedestrian crosses without looking on the wet paving stones, it is possible “to crush” without fear: optional ABS will answer present.

Pas de that on Ducati, not even in option: it will be necessary to keep its cold blood in all circumstances. On the other hand, if you open too strong gases on a white tape, Ducati Traction Control will limit the large evasions of the back to keep the motor bike to the maximum in the axis. On Triumph, it will always be necessary to take care to proportion the suave but generous couple. Five minutes of congestion later, the ventilators turn to full mode. Let us recognize that the room temperature of 26° does not arrange the things. Between its width of 93.5 cm to the rear view mirrors (fixed and crushes worthy of those of the cars), its turning radius of container ship and its virile hydraulically-operated clutch, Ducati quickly gives desire for going to type lemonade in terrace… or for leaving the boulevards encumbered as fast as possible. The Triumph, which certainly hardly directs better, leaves itself there better via a less typified ergonomics.

Ducati Streetfighter 848 likes the beautiful roads

Phew, we are on the road, the large one with four ways: mechanics breathes and we perspire less. Bust more rocked forwards and legs more unfolded than on Triumph, the Ducati Streetfighter 848 gives desire for crossing with more constant pace. Its engine can do it (5 000 tr/min to 130 km/h in 6th), its vibrations of large twin-cylinder are not so awkward on the road; in short, one can cut the road into 848 Streetfighter.

Which against arguments can thus oppose Triumph to him? The Ohlin’s elements work with a great flexibility on the beginning of race: it is very pleasant on the irregularities. One did not expect from them less these expensive elements. Secondly the engine much more flexible, rounder, which authorizes to go down under 90 km/h in 6th and to set out again thread of gas.

Ducati, with its twin-cylinder intended for the successions of accelerations, is unable to achieve this exercise. In short, with Triumph, one can stroll, cross a village neither without awaking anybody nor to touch with the selector. In the optics of one strolls cool, it outclasses Ducati. Triumph imposes just more folded, more drawn aside legs and vibrations low frequency which numb finally more the fingers.

Braking of steel and couple soaked for Triumph Speed Triples R

Quasi rectilinear, Main road 2 leads us to Soissons. Not time to admire the windows equipped with vases: us seams on the small secondary roads. An ideal adventure play ground for these two animals. In a word, they are frankly inciting there!

For little that the coating is smooth, Ducati is there frightening: true coiffeuse of points! Rapid, light, it presents especially a driving character which is expressed fully when one rolls sportingly: to accelerate, slow down, turn, accelerate… A little like a KTM 990 Super Duke, it gives desire for controlling on the road. The things are spoiled on bad coating. There, important rigidity, the nose gear light extremist, forces judiciously to place its wheels and to contract its thighs to compensate for the retransmission of the shocks and thus to follow the selected trajectory.

Frankly less exclusive, Triumph 1050 Speed Triples R is played more of the differences of coating. The Ohlin’s suspensions work superbly, while the more important weight is not felt too much, at least in fast control on open road. More stable on the angle with the accesses as of bleedings, the Triumph Speed Triples R makes it possible to keep confidence. And then the beach of use of the engine is so vast that these three cylinders puts up with all.

Ducati erases the baffles

The sun is always shining above circuit of Folembray. Static photographs pressure of the tires, hydration: we finally will be able to in full safety check the potential of these motor bikes almost equipped like the authentic sporting ones. On a circuit with human dimension, these motor bikes are ideal and confirm certain impressions rose on road. Ducati Streetfighter 848 is clearly in its element. Moreover, the lightness of the unit enables him to completely erase the two baffles of the circuit with a release of the turn really more incisive than Triumph. Motility is as more rigorous as that of the Speed: the rear wheel-axle unit of Ducati remains imperturbable, always under monitoring of an anti rather transparent skating in mode 1 or 2. The clearance of the selector is ultra short and the reports are locked more precisely than on the Speed. With the wire of the turns, one quickly understands that Streetfighter likes affirmed piloting, even if finally, one should not too much cling to his handlebar, because that reflects many movements in the frame. One would dream then of a shock absorber of direction.

Triumph is finally more neutral, although its pasting is shorter of 40 mm and its more closed direction (22°8 against 24°5). The Triumph 1050 Speed Triples R controls in a more intuitive way: position of piloting, useful beach of the engine, proportioning with genius precise of braking (still better than on the 848!): one buckles the turns without having doubts. The absence of indicator of committed report proves to be prejudicial because the three cylinders rather linear and furnished with couple puts sometimes the doubt to you, while Ducati is controlled more with the ear. That puts also ahead the elastic side of the Triumph engine. With Ducati, if you miss the entry by the pin at the top of circuit, you are certain to row at the exit because you are not any more at the good place, or with the good mode. On Triumph, not of problem if you are on a report of too or of less: between flexibility, couple and lengthens, there is always average to be left there! And then, the fine experts of the circuit will be able to always work on the suspensions to refine a basic behavior already ultra healthy. Mass transfers more contained than on Ducati in spite of more weight, suspensions which slacken always systematically: it functions with wonder this beautiful equipment.

Assessment: The assorted cold roast meats is more complete

Morality of the session circuit: an initiated pilot will burst himself and fall the stopwatches to the handlebar from Ducati Streetfighter 848, sticking to the Basque of Triple Triumph Speed R. an average pilot who will not be always in the good tempo with Streetfighter will encounter more difficulties with this yellow ball only with one Triumph which controls itself without real instructions, especially thanks to a more conciliatory engine. From a general point of view, Ducati Streetfighter 848 seems more coherent to us than his sister 1098. Sold 12,490 €, it is placed at the crossroads of the market.

Vis-a-vies it, Triumph Speed Triples R (14 790 € or 15,390 € in version ABS) proposes same philosophy. On road, downtown, with the daily newspaper, the English one will bring satisfaction, each time. Without speaking of versatility for such toys, Triumph shows itself more homogeneous, less Spartan. One of the large advantages of these motor bikes – and once again Triumph is posed there – is that they make it possible to have fun frankly on circuit, to be still rather intuitive on road in dynamic control and more conciliatory with the daily newspaper than true the pure hyper sportive ones of the moment, which become little by little of exclusive machines of circuit.

Ducati Streetfighter 848

Triumph 1050 Speed Triples R

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