E-bikes Facing Bane On Area Trails

Latest e-bikes News : Local politicians are considering banning e-bikes on a surface trails, including the Kate Pace Way. Proposed trail restrictions are to vote next week

Several Council members agreed Monday during the deliberations of the committee that power-assisted bicycles on roads due to their high weight and high-speed capabilities compared to other road users such as walkers and cyclists should be banned conventional.

The staff had initially recommended that e-bikes are bicycles everywhere permitted under conventional Highway Traffic Act and the City Charter allows hiking out on an area where they would be in pedal mode. Council heard from employees that public roads are active, healthy lifestyle and to promote the e-bikes should be operated on roads if they are not cycled.

But most council members agreed that it was practically impossible to implement a pedal-only restriction and decided to ban e-bikes of all routes, especially after hearing that many models are just too hard to make practically occur.

According to city staff, the bicycles, which are driven by electric motors weigh up to 250 pounds and traveling at speeds of up to 32 km / A license is not required, nor is there a written test, vehicle, plates or insurance. I would prefer that they not apply to routes where we children walking, cycling and inline skating, “said Coun. Sean Lawlor, based on the potential for a serious accident with heavier and faster e-bikes.

Council heard from employees that are already on complaints and conflicts between different users, Kate Pace Way and other routes. Although most are not the council, including Mayor Al McDonald, agreed the way the place for e-bikes, some members realized they are an environmentally friendly and cost effective way of moving.

I think the main purpose that the people buying these bikes to move from point A to point B – not recovery, “said countries Mac Bain, suggesting a lot of e-bike operator is not even likely to ride the trail interested .. Rick Fricker, an e-bike dealers, who attended the meeting, said that most drivers would agree.

Fricker said, e-bikes are too big and should not be on the road. He said the best place for them on the streets, although there are some drivers who would argue otherwise. Darrell Deibel, an e-bike riders who participated in the meeting, had a different opinion.

Deibel, said he occasionally rides on the Kate Pace Way and does not believe Council should prohibit e-bike routes. He said that e-bikes are considered bicycles under the law and should be allowed on bike paths. Deibel said Kate Pace Way has a posted speed limit of 20 miles per hour and the city should enforce this restriction.

The proposal, which will come before the Council to vote next week would see signs along area trails advised that e-bikes are not permitted written. In addition, e-bikes would not allow any trailer with a human occupant. Trailer would also be limited in size.

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