E-Bikes: Zero FX, Fastest Accelerating Motorcycle

The global leader in electric motorcycle is releasing this year its newest E-bike, the Zero FX, aimed to become the fastest accelerating electronic motorcycle ever made.

People nowadays are becoming more and more concerned about the environment. This is why there is now a trend to reduce the carbon footprints left by man. One way of doing this is by reducing the need to use non-renewable fuels by switching to electronic vehicles. Zero Motorcycles has been manufacturing E-bikes since it was founded in 2006. Formerly known as Electricross, Zero is committed to transforming the way motorcycle enthusiasts ride by providing value and performance to their highly innovative lines of electric motorcycles. This year, Zero is launching the Zero FX, said to be the fastest accelerating E-bike there is.

Specifications. The Zero FX is built with a frame made up of high grade aluminium making it lightweight and yet sturdy enough to be ridden on any terrain. Aggressive tires and a great suspension system also allow the FX’s rider a comfortable ride whether it may be on paved urban roads or off-road trails. The FX model carries a 44 BHP engine that gives of a 95 Nm torque at a twist of a handle. And because of its 125 kg lightweight design, the Zero FX claims to be Zero’s fastest accelerating model.

Performance. The Zero FX e-bike comes in a modular battery system which allows its owner the option of adding in a second battery to further boost its power. The standard Zero FX comes with a 2.8 kWh battery which can deliver a 113 km (70 miles) city driving range while giving a maximum speed of 112 km/hr (70 mph). The Zero FX along with the other 2013 models run on new air-cooled and belt driven Z-Force motor that runs at a higher voltage than that of the previous models. This means more power is generated for optimum riding. Addition of a second battery will increase the kWh to 5.4 which will give the Zero FX power that is similar to traditional motocross bikes.

Charging time for a 2.8 kWh model is 4.1 hours while that of a 5.4 kWh model is 7.8 hours. However, charging times can be reduced to 1 hour by using a CHAdeMO charging station.

Added Features. The new Zero FX also comes with redesigned frames which are compatible to most aftermarket parts for easier customization. The new model also allows integration with Smartphones through Bluetooth technology. This allows the bike’s performance stats to be monitored by its rider. Through this, riders are also given the option of adjusting their motors according to their riding preferences.

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