Experiencing the Lone Ranger Adventure with the Kawasaki Teryx4


Recently, Kawasaki Motor Corp. has invited a few publications to Santa Fe in New Mexico not only to view the premier of the movie the Lone Ranger but also to try out the company’s Teryx4 UTV in the same terrain where the movie was shot.

According to the marketing department of Kawasaki, their tie-up with the move Lone Ranger suits the rebelliousness in which the Teryx4 UTV is designed. Most rebels really didn’t think that they can show their rebel side by riding a UTV which is why this is what is being targeted by Kawasaki with its Teryx4. For those who are looking for ways to get that rush of adrenaline regardless of whether you are comfortable riding a two-wheel or four-wheel vehicle, the Teryx4 is definitely worth trying out.

Although the Teryx4 isn’t the fastest UTV around, it makes it up in terms of strength which is somewhat similar to the Sherman tanks used during the Second World War. This UTV is designed to take on all kind of terrain, whether in a swamp, in the woods and even on the dusty and ragged terrain of the desert in New Mexico.

Those who were invited by Kawasaki to try out their Teryx4 found themselves taking the UTV on a test run on Caja Del Rio Canyon outside of Santa Fe. There were two-way tracks to follow and although this might sound easy for professional terrain drivers, you will surely be on your toes all the time as you maneuver the UTV around the trail. However, since the Teryx4 is designed to weather all sorts of terrain, you will surely be impressed on how it handles the two-way trail in New Mexico.

What helped the Teryx4 UTV navigate around the uneven terrain is its 749-cc V-twin which helps in producing a smooth mid-range feel to it as well as a low-end punch. The electric power steering of the UTV is another plus as it makes it easier for the driver to turn on low-speeds. The same power steering system helps the Teryx4 to hold its course even on rocky terrain. It has a 16.7’ turning range which isn’t that bad at all. You might be surprised how quickly this UTV turns even when its wheelbase is measured at 86.1”.

Other features of the Teryx4 include shock absorbers that are coil-over, suspension system for both front and rear, and great braking system among others.

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