Getting to Know the X132 HellCat Combat

Driving like a pro and looking like you were pulled out from the movie Top Gun do not need to be impossibly expensive. Even though there are hundreds of thousands high-end, high-priced motorcycles and cars in the market today, there are also some units that are worth their prices. When planning to be the best bike rider, one only needs to possess a 2-wheeler that is not only designed to have jaw dropping looks but are also fast and easy to manipulate. Most motorcycles are only admired because of their great looks, some on the other hand are only known for their powerful engines and transmission. It is infrequent that one could find a not so costly, attractive, high-powered motorcycle nowadays. Not to worry though, this is where the X132 HellCat Combat by Confederate Motorcycles perfectly come in.

Considered as the world’s fastest block V-twin, the X132 HellCat Combat has a 5-speed transmission, Blackstone Tek Carbon Fiber wheels, rear Brembo and front Beringer brakes that hold the bike firmly despite its on-going speed, custom suspension and LED lighting. With only about $72,000, you will have the benefit of owning up to a 2,163cc with 160hp engine 2-wheeler that could move up to a 170+ mph at the Bonneville salt flats. By that, it means that the X132 HellCat Combat could hit around 200mph on asphalt grounds. Also, since the bike is only weighed 500lbs, it would not be hard for women to drive it and enjoy its speed.

Some other specifications that one should check out about the X132 HellCat Combat are its Torque: 160 foot pounds power, Combat optimized machined 6061 aircraft aluminium case and 3” 120 wall hard steel backbone chassis. Plus the suspension of Custom WP 48mm Fork, adjustable rebound and compression on the front, custom racetech coil-over-shock, fuel cell of confederate propriety design, deep dawn steel, 4.75gallon capacity and instrumentation such as motogadget precision analogue tachometer, digital speed and status. Lastly are the tailored ergonomics such as controls on mid-rear, handlebar of 70mm rise, 55mmsweep, and seating of solo combat reverse hide racing saddle with a height of 28 inches.

With these incredible specifications, the X132 HellCat Combat is surely worth its price. Confederate Motorcycles has definitely perfected and created a more satisfying Harley Davidson bike version of its own. The company has only made 36 of this enormous bike as of this year and so far it has been successful in satisfying its users.

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