Gilera Fuoco500

Gilera scooter signs the final three wheels turning in the platform of the last 400 MP3. For € 7,600, the Gilera Fuoco500 enhances the skills of its kind thanks to its powerful engine and its unbridled vision of the concept. Successful and a device approved by latestbikesinfo.

Gilera Fuoco500

With the Gilera Fuoco500, Gilera, the trademark sporty Piaggio Group, boosts the engine and the aesthetics of MP3 without touching its architecture. Here we find the 14-inch rear wheel, the front two wheels, the braking system with three disks, the enhanced framework, instrumentation panel, the locking system of the slope … and the hand brake on the MP3 400! The difference is primarily in the appearance, usability and practicality. The floor kit increases the adhesion of aluminum shoes, saddle adopts a more comfortable design. Above all, the essential: Fuoco slumming by adopting an aggressive look much pus, due to the removal of the caches of the handlebars and the arrival of a covered bridge Gilera symbol of beauty.

An air of quad … 3-wheel

Depending on the item that catches your eye, the look of the Fuoco appears alternately surprising, pleasant and aggressive. And back plate shocked by its massive and tubular, before be particularly well designed. In terms of other improvements, the trunk is more accessible than an MP3 shortened the saddle can be handled more easily, and only the passenger may regret the absence of backsplash series.

An essential element of the Fuoco, the imposing front is actually very compact. Tubing front bumper and grilles protect the engine radiator. They provide a key to the passage Quad pronounced. The analogy with the road does not end there, the optical unit consists of two rows of two lamps and a superimposed pilot plant is also equipped with impact protection. Here is the Fuoco ready for any eventuality.

Question template, do not be fooled by the apparent proportions or height of the machine. The seat of Fuoco only peaked to 790 mm, and makes the soil more available to 1.65 m. In addition, the Roll Lock system second small legs for smooth stops. The inertia of the front and softness to the slope can also ask to do a walk with ease. Fortunately, because with 238 pounds dry (about 258 kg in running order), the Fuoco plays in the heavyweight category of the scooter.

A hoarse sound

The Fuoco is not necessarily a gambler nor a Flamby: its effectiveness is formidable. If the engine of 400 cm3 gives extra speed the transition to 500 cm3 gum any latency in the response of the engine during acceleration. The couple immediately available allows to roll slowly in city traffic, and get out of there with a difficult situation or a curve. We note in passing a vibrating motor and expressive in urban areas, who never misses an opportunity to snore. The dull sound of the air intake gives it a hoarse voice, slightly muffled by a silencer catalyst. Those who know the Ducati will not be disoriented. The comparison ends there, however, the single cylinder water-cooled runs down the towers, and shows its strength at about 5500 rev / min.

It should be wary of the coup when the bond becomes precarious: the rear wheel is quick skating acceleration, see float away on the corner. The wet coatings of small roads of the Pyrenees, have also been the scene of many improvised figures, but always controlled. On the waterfront, however, the engine flexible, especially linear and supported by a transmission free from reproach, was perfectly in rhythm ride. We must therefore seek to find fault the limits of traction, or cross a zebra crossing made ​​slippery by rain. Whatever happens, the front has two wheels and keep an eye on the climb, and balance is maintained for long.

Many more feel than the MP3

Only the ground clearance is still puckering sports. For if the Fuoco has a powerful engine and enhanced grip, taking much easier angle is limited. Thus, the buffer to protect the transmission casing rub quickly (45 ° angle anyway …), followed closely by the center stand. It must be said that the trust imposed by driving a three wheeled overcomes many limitations inherent in the practice of two wheels. If we disregard any reference, even a wet coating widely used to ride hard.

We guess the big highlight of the Fuoco: it offers a lot more excitement than its counterpart MP3. Its engine can take more strongly and faster speed, while giving the impression of reducing the three wheels and its management heavy out of town. The fast phase and small chains turn can then negotiate more natural and easier, forgetting the tendency of understeer in MP3. The move to 500 cm3 increases the speed of 10 km / h, to increase it to 150 km / h or so. What commitment serenely on the highway, and keep a good flexibility for overtaking.

A bubble? No, a sautevent

Quick on the Gilera maintains an excellent straight line stability. It shows the transition very insensitive to side winds, and provides optimal braking whatever the conditions. One comment: the Fuoco is recovering without violence when taking the front brake lever on the angle. The effect can easily be compensated, but it may be surprising. Also note that the original Pirelli tire keeps a good feedback when sliding involuntary behavior is up. The adhesion is gradually returning, leaving time to react. On dry roads, R.A.S.
The only criticism that could be made with respect to the aptitude of the road Fuoco on the bubble, which is more of a break as the wind protection. Largely insufficient past 110 km / h, it is badly with an upright riding position and the inability to extend the legs or to back against the backrest driver. While a bubble high is optional, but it spoils the fun a little while and results in additional expense. At least, no concessions were made on the look or the comfort, simply the best of the 4 three-wheeled Piaggio.

Gilera Fuoco500: The best of three-wheeled scooters

If you can get used to the particular aesthetic and aggressive Fuoco, if you forgive him finish craft and finally, if your budget allows, the Fuoco is an excellent choice. Its 40 hp. to 500 cm3 certainly prevent him from being adopted by a young license, but his conduct brings a higher approval, and reduces the sensation of weight and inertia to the concept of three-wheeled Piaggio. It will deal with some mechanical vibrations that reconnect with the feelings two wheels, but the Fuoco brings more soul to atool especially effective elsewhere.

Choose between an MP3 and a 400 Gilera Fuoco500 is to choose a safe and respectively between an engine from a gentle reassuring and inspiring force. Whatever happens, the driver will have insurance to have extreme versatility. The Fuoco is designed to travel with peace of mind a rainy day, not to mention the little grain of sport that lies within us. However, beware of overconfidence, the penalty is possible, especially if it is decided to maximize a chassis whose boundaries seem far beyond what is found on two wheelsstandard when difficult conditions.

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