Gilera GP800 test

We were finally able to test the famous Gilera GP800, the largest scooter market! And our verdict is: T Max and motorcycles will hate it! This will happen in November 2007 in € 9000.

Gilera GP800 test

At the show in Milan in 2007, the Gilera GP800 was a surprise and lasting impression. He promised to be the largest scooter of his generation, with its unusual twin engine of 850 cm3, blithely crossing the course of 500 cm3 psychological preserved in long maxi scooters (except for the Burgman 650). Many issues have been mechanical and dynamic outstanding. Today, everything is clear, straightforward Gilera announced that we were able to verify on the ground: the Gilera GP800 scooter is the standard most powerful and fastest in the world, with about 75 hp. and 200 km / h meter!

GT sports sober and luxurious

Here we are again in Milan for the worldwide launch of Gilera GP800. Thirty scooters pre-series, black or metallic red, we expect all arguments outside. Aligned with the huge square of the Feria, they proudly display their bows round the optical layered and beautiful wheels 15 and 16 inches. Its original forms and GT Max sweet Road give the Gilera GP800 a unique identity and a compact size yet very protective. Barely larger or longer than a Yamaha T-Max 500, it differs widely from the latter by a visual style Italian, full of nuances and details.

Such simplicity in design is somewhat surprising from Gilera, also author of Nexus and Fuoco 500. With the Gilera GP800, the brand made ​​a giant step towards the general public, attracted by the generally low eccentricity. The Gilera GP800 So says a quietly luxurious sportiness. And we must recognize that this “super GT” has a strong dose of charisma, leaving everyone and especially to prop the time to personalize it wisely.

Gilera GP800: A simple handling

The Gilera GP800 opted for a technology and a philosophy of hybrid bike / scooter. Its beautiful swingarm integrates so in a very discreet another innovation for a scooter: a final drive by chain. A convergence of two worlds, the engineers thought the trunk under the seat, but not to small storage annexes, yet very practical. Too bad. If it is not insensitive to the pot double output to handlebars perforated, full instrumentation and even cured stalks (we note in passing a new feature: the control of the electric windshield), attention concerns the large central tunnel.

Particularly high and cumbersome, it requires to lift up the leg. It also will continue to be very active while driving and never interfere. Accessible to most of the templates with a floor and a well-cut saddle low enough and long to come forward, the Gilera GP800 allows a driver of a six feet to rest their feet on the floor and extend legs smoothly against the deck. Some 8 grip made ​​before the Feria later, the big scooter Gilera flaunts a comfortable grip. It lacks neither skill nor progressive in his behavior. Way!

The Gilera GP800 is not a joke!

We were warned, GP does not mean Grand Prix, but Gilera Performance. Still a couple of Gilera GP800 arrested in a packet to fire on a main road in the Italian capital gives the air race start rolling in any rule … Not to mention the ensuing gun starts to sound the depths of the exhaust, and put everyone agrees: good hands, the Gilera GP800 is not a joke! The twin puncher at will does not mean you tear the arms or head (it is still stalling to seriously against the backrest seat), but its force constant times offers ubiquitous nature and its peak around 6500 rev / min commands respect.

All this also requires some control, if not the scooter, at least self-evident: the go-around on dusty road grip is or will soon leave the spinning rear wheel. The torque of the engine proves to be impressive and distributed very low. One can imagine the result on wet roads, especially in terms of braking While imperial power but the attack and immediately seek a good fingering the bad days. An ABS version should also be released in 2008. Good news however, the seat to the floor, through the protection and depreciation, premium comfort. Only the upright windshield in the up position will cause some turbulence at the top of the helmet above 120 km / h.

Excess soft!

Some experience is preferable to take calmly the Gilera GP800. At low speed, he is almost as handy as a T-Max 500 … while being heavier than 40 pounds! Inertia has yet good: it helps here to enjoy excellent stability and increased accuracy, especially for file recovery. In return, the Gilera GP800 is imbalance more sharply than its congeners handlebars when braking at a low speed. On the road, the big Italian scooter instantly says his strong personality and vocation “hyper roller.” Nipple able to go 200 km / h in no time, you can hardly blame him a direction slightly wriggling at that speed.

But with him, we extracted immediately from any difficult situation and overtaking becomes a mere formality. Effective and impressive. A manhole, a warped floor on a fast track? The suspension absorbs the obstacle without any concern, justifying their long travel and a certain softness. Curve, the heading is maintained without difficulty, and even abused, ruthlessly swinging from one side to the other, the Gilera GP800 does not lose his composure. Its only limitation? Its floor! On a Gilera GP800, it is not rubbing the legs, but the lower fairing.

What is there to motorcycles or scooters?

The Gilera GP800 does not pay the bidding price. Although powerful and mobile, it is very usable and has a particularly large range. With its 18.5-liter tank and its leading performance, it comes to overshadow the road bikes, of course. His good manners and docility his coat perfectly sporty and aggressive, too (why can run so fast?). Yet it offers its driver the ability to keep his reflexes and motor brings a bit of passion, temperament and feelings at all disappointed with the displacement of 500 or lower. Pushing even further the concept initiated by Yamaha T-Max there are now over 6 years, the Gilera GP800 scooter in the world breathes new momentum that we hope will soon be followed by other manufacturers, especially given its rate announced at € 9 000 “about” …

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