Gilera Nexus 500 test

It uses the engine of Piaggio X9 but almost everything. Very sharp, the Italian scooter offers the best behavior for the class, a required course in reinforced concrete for a daily helpfulness very correct. T Max is not going to love it …

Gilera Nexus 500 test

Already present in the category with the X9 500 that is optimized in 2003, Piaggio strengthens its range for 2004 with this very interesting Nexus. Marketed under the brand Gilera belongs to him, the manufacturer is thus one stone by offering a scooter-oriented and sports utility starting from a base already known. Thus, the injected single-cylinder comes straight from X9 while the chassis for its part is just as unique as its looks. With his sharp face, its compact and muscular and a touch of deco as carbon, Gilera Nexus makes no secret of its claims.

The stroke of a pen Italian inspired performance without sacrificing the equipment, the image of the dashboard with multiple functions or convenient electronic immobilizer. Narrow, the new Gilera nonetheless roomy. Thus, the return profile of the deck will not prevent the great templates to get a cozy place almost on board with your knees away from the handlebars and the chest well protected behind the adjustable windscreen. Still, the short-legged will not be more comfortable here than on the average of scooters, saddle up standard is roughly padded. For their part, the running boards offer two positions while the large central beam will at least help the ankles to take the gear shift.

An exemplary directional stability

Many also do not hide it any longer, the Nexus offers at this time probably the best performance among the large-displacement scooters. Gilera has indeed worked hard to optimize the frame, suspending the motor oscillating at a single top pivot rather than rods and a subframe as the X9. From the first meters, this rigorously assessed without too much discomfort. The engine now vibrates reasonably rigid mounted in the handles, the unusual and attractive rear suspension (adjustable trim!) Working with some finesse on the bumps.

The Bridgestone radial tires mounted Battlax TH01 completes the picture, providing flexibility based on the smaller bumps and a reassuring grip on dry and wet. In short, difficult to find fault with the Gilera Nexus regardless of the pace of action. Although his 195 kg (dry) well just encumber his quick turning of the rim as much as 15 inches provides a more gradual dive a model of smaller diameter. But we retain the first exemplary directional stability only allows better tu limits of the engine.

A 175 km / h meter, the switch occurs (too fast …) to limit its flights. Damage, even if the Nexus also allows to cross legally with an adequate supply of power and autonomy. During our testing, we actually topped up after 245 km without the gauge has not yet announced the shift in reserve. For its part, the protection board appears nice, perfect and sufficient leg room for the upper body, the airflow from gently stroking the arms and the top of the helmet.

Gilera Nexus 500: Rustic but effective

That does not hurt the general acceptance of this scooter that also appreciates the city for its size easy to intrude here and there, its amazing full braking safety on wet and above all, its acceleration bright and fun. While round, almost rustic but certainly very effective, itsgromono has neither his efforts nor the sensations to propel you cheerfully at the start of fire or traffic flow, supported by a carefully optimized transmission.

As Beverly, the Nexus is evolving on the boulevard like a fish in water under the curious gaze of motorists. Aesthetics does not go unnoticed, especially his frail skin putting back does that better highlight its innovative suspension and sturdy engine block. For 6990 euros (1.2.04), well below its main competitor the Yamaha T-Max, the Gilera does not pay too much style, performance and a very homogeneous final approval. Just like to wish for the next evolution a larger chest and mirror work.

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