Harley Davidson CVO Breakout Overview

The CVO family of Harley Davidson is introducing a new member of their family in the market. The CVO Breakout is sure to turn heads especially with its clean lines, lean design and low-slung seat reminiscent of the CVO line. The Breakout is actually factory-customized and with more thought given to its artistry you can expect it to stand out on its own amongst the crowd. Harley Davidson has equipped the Breakout with a Twin Cam engine that has increased the power-to-weight ratio of the Breakout significantly.

What makes the Harley Davidson CVO Breakout such an eye candy is its finishes. The paint job and loads of chrome make the CVO Breakout so appealing to many riders. Each bike is hand worked which means that there are no two Breakouts that have the same look. This unique approach to the color of the bike is just one of the many perks you can get out of this new CVO motorbike by Harley Davidson.

Another thing that you will notice about the Harley Davidson CVO Breakout is that it sports a new set of wheels. Its chrome wheels look absolutely great and with the CVO Breakout’s trimmed out fenders you can actually see the visual impact these wheels have on the overall design of the motorbike. Add the drive sprockets and brake discs to these brand new wheels and you have pretty good looking wheels to complement the rest of the CVO Breakout’s body work.

A closer look at the body of the CVO Breakout will reveal a console strip made from chrome that blends with the bike’s vent lines that are made from braided steel that flows beautifully into the fuel tank. The fuel tank itself is quite capable of carrying 5 gallons of fuel for longer driving performance. The CVO Breakout also has plenty of amenities to offer you such as bike cover, key-fob security, ABS, cruise control and its newest addition the clutch-assist package.

Sexy and powerful, the Harley Davidson CVO Breakout is also one of the cheapest of its line. With only 1,900 units up for production those who want to be the proud owner of this new baby should be ready to spend $26,499 for it. This is not such a bad price for something stylish and powerfully built. This Breakout is worth parading on the streets or for those long rides out in the open. You can feel the power in its engine and a smooth ride is something you should just expect with the Harley Davidson CVO Breakout.

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