Harley Davidson Superlow – Key Features

The Harley Davidson Superlow is just one of several motorcycles available from this very well known and highly respected manufacturer and you will instantly know that, if you go ahead and buy this motorcycle, then you will be buying quality. That being said you will clearly want to know about some of the key features for this particular model before buying so the following information may prove to be useful.

To begin with it is perhaps best to look at the engine and with this particular model you get a 883cc 2-valve engine that is pushrod operated along with the Harley Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection and on top of this it has a 5 speed transmission. This means you are going to feel some real power as you ride it without it being too overpowering.

The motorcycle comes with a 4.5 gallon fuel tank and you will tend to average around 51mpg so you are at least getting good fuel economy with the bike and this fuel economy is not hampered by the weight of the motorcycle either. The basic weight is 573lbs so it is a good solid motorcycle just as you would expect from Harley.

Apart from the engine, it is also worth talking about the design as clearly this is going to be another main part of the motorcycle and you will instantly notice that it does come with the characteristic low ride of a Harley. This low ride does of course mean it needs the right suspension system to make the motorcycle stable so the Harley Davidson Superlow comes with telescopic forks on the front and a twin sided swing arm on the rear and to help with stopping you have dual piston brakes on the front and single on the back.

Finally, it should be pointed out that when it comes to instruments, then the normal things are standard and for the tyres you are best to look at Michelin Scorcher tyres to give the best possible grip on the road. The best widths to look at buying are 120 on the front and 150 on the back so you will feel comfortable on the road as you ride.

By now you should hopefully have a better idea about several of the key features of the Harley Davidson Superlow and all that is then left to do is to take one out for a ride and see if it handles as well as you thought. There is no doubt that it looks fantastic and is exceptionally well made and you will certainly feel quite proud as you ride a bike with that famous name on the side.

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