Honda CB500R, The Sports Ride of 2013

Honda created a trio of CB500s:  the CBR500R, the naked CB500F and the CB500X.  They may look identical but the game changes under the skin.  It’s a whole new excitement for Honda riders with the middleweight sports motorcycle with superior value.  The performance does not fall short of a Honda, with modern torque-packed 500cc P-twin DOHC engine.  The chassis is spawned from the Honda’s acclaimed sports bikes, the CBR600RR and CBR 1000RR.

For the CB500R, the engine is housed in a chassis of superior comfort and balance.  The perfect handling is all about the full bodywork cowl and a 31-inch high seat.  It still boasts of what a Honda engine is all about: comfort, enjoyment and class, with cutting edge programmed fuel injection.  A perfect fuel mixture is monitored and delivered for that crisp throttle response combined with a counterbalance that promises a smooth run.

The athletic touches are perfect for someone who needs versatility and style in their ride.  A full LCD screen holds the digital speedometer and tachometer.  It will also show the clock, fuel consumption and other data for added reliability.  Sweet halogen lights groove up the frontage in a modern layout, including the multi-facet reflectors for a front and end unique look.  Twin 55-watt lights project plenty of road visibility.  The whole chassis is accented by aerodynamic bodywork which Honda also utilized in effective engine cooling aside from the low draw coefficient.

Honda is never behind suspension technology.  The sophisticated chassis deserves to have a 9-stage preload and 4.1 inches travel.  CB500R can rock a smooth ride on bumpy conditions.  The exhaust pipe is especially engineered to add to power efficiency at all RMP ranges.  It is covered in polished stainless steel in a clean and functional architecture.  Anti-lock brakes in the CBR500R make a smooth transition from a fun run to an easy stop. There’s a 320mm wave-style disc brakes at the front wheel while the back is provided with a 240mm stopping power. The whole beauty rests on 12-spoke cast wheels.  These strong aluminium cast wheels are easily maintained for a classic clean look.

The street machine is capable of easy cruising or a light sporting.  At only $5,999, the Honda CB500R is more tempting that Kawasaki’s Ninja 650 prized at $7599.  Suzuki’s humble single-cylinder is not so enticing at $4399 either.  Yamaha makes the only worthy rival at $7790 for its four-cylinder FZ6R.

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