Honda Launched RC-E Electric Superbike Soon

Honda Latest News : Honda launches distinctive concept bike as part of its upcoming Tokyo Motor Show Display 12th November 2011.Caused a stir by releasing photos and information on their upcoming Tokyo Motor Show Honda ad was the “RC-E” concept bike.

Part of the company’s booth concept of “What makes people feel good?” at the 42nd annual trade fair for third to 11 December 2011, scheduled at the Tokyo “Big Sight” convention center, the RC-E has many wonder whether Honda finally overcoming the e-bike equation.

Up to this point, most motorcycle OEMs (except KTM), a casual disinterest for the most part in the nascent electric vehicle industry have shown. The Honda RC-E may be looking for a turning point in the way of signaling that at least one major manufacturer is in a serious road-going electric bike. Although with what Honda has always been not only on its technological expertise, but also environmentally friendly reputation with the manufacturers in the automotive and motorcycle industry, which was not entirely surprising move proudly.

The obvious reason is that the RC-E much more interesting than your average two-wheeler EV concept is a beautifully designed chassis and body. The RC-E has ticked the right boxes: Nice, curvy sports / race color and style check. Stout-looking twin-spar frame and swingarm, with the primary drive axle right at the pivot point check. Öhlins check. Brembo brakes and full-size wheels / tires-check.

Unfortunately, there was virtually no details of the RC-E from Honda. The press release only states that RC-E “an EV version of a super sports car, bicycle, which tracks the joy of driving. A powerful and comfortable ride is clearly an EV model with the 250 class achieved a compact body,” some speculate that The electric motor of the firm Insight hybrid car is used,. The problem is that the engine is only rated at 10kw (about 13 hp), it would hardly suffice as an independent power plant in any production motorcycle of its kind. Needless to say, but it would not be so hard for a company with Honda‘s resources to find a suitable motor.

The big problem with EV is that the stronger electric motor that you need for the power, the more energy is needed. And that means either a means for the regeneration of energy or a thicker battery (s) package capable of the energy (and for a long time), or both. This is a compromise between performance and range that has forced no real appeal to the motorcycling public, choking mainly the sportbike side effects at large. The cost of the entire motorcycle production also have to generate the price tags of the current electric motorcycles, well above the norm, to make a profit, and not only discouraged many potential customers, but it has prompted many EV businesses, plans production of a Motorcycle switch to the more lucrative option of licensing the technology developed through the efforts of a large industrial company for other purposes.

Honda has apparently overcome the cost with their own resources and economies of scale. But they would be in a position, a bike that sufficient power and range without the price tag would produce inflated to get ready? Time will tell. But underestimate Big Red is often done at one of the risk.


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