Kawasaki Z800 2013: From the nine with old man

After the first surface information resulting from various escapes, we come to peel the official press kit of Kawasaki Z800 2013. And the least which one can say, it is that the changing of the best to saddle French market once again blown the heat and the cold. Question of strategy, says us one. Here why.

Kawasaki Z800 2013: From the nine with old man

It is from now on official: the news Kawasaki Z800 will not be the so much hoped innovation. Because rather than Z1000 minis with framework aluminum, it is an evolution of current Z750 which the manufacturer reveals us in this moment with Intermit. Admittedly, the motor bike that we discover today was the object of a basic work, but it is difficult to hide our disappointment in front of this Kawasaki Z800 which caricatures almost its predecessor.

If his lines quite as aggressive that its colors should again allure “Z addicts”, one will not be able to say of it as much the technological package which will have undoubtedly well difficulty holding its row vis-a-vis a competition on this point definitely more ambitious. Remain that Kawasaki Z800 2013 promises despite everything to appreciably optimize the services of Z750 current, as well out of engine as – hope-it – out of frame, while continuing to drive out on the ground of the accessible midrange.

We know that two Z800 models will be proposed on the French market: Kawasaki Z800 standard is in the spirit the changing of Kawasaki Z750R, the version best equipped; and Kawasaki Z800 “E” limited to 70 kw itself bribable to 35 kw for the new European license A2 starting from January 2013. Those should thus be proposed with tariffs of call, one speaks about 200 € moreover for standard Z800 (either in the neighborhoods of the 8,100 €). Let us detail it.

Kawasaki Z800 2013: From the nine with old man

Esthetics, equipment: Agrezzive

“It is as that which the customers like it”, one says us in substance in the manufacturer, and therefore Kawasaki Z800 begins again by making them evolve the codes of the best to saddle Kawasaki:

  • – The line of the changing of Z750 still gains in aggressiveness: new head of fork, new side preparing (scoops, sides of tank, preparing of saddle with new fire with lads), driving shoe, driving preparing (cylinder head), back lick-wheel, coating of saddle and color “of war”. Thus repaired, almost “tuned” in series on the basis of 750, the Kawasaki Z800 2013 news is more Z than ever, almost a caricature intended for (Re) alluring the public characteristic of this roadster definitely not like the others.
  • – The new instrument panel is entirely digital, via three screens LCD with different types from posting: central rev counter, speedometer, kilometric totalize, watch, two partial totalize and driving thermometer, gauge with petrol, meter of remaining and pilot autonomy of economic control.
  • – Ergonomics: the handlebar is flatter, and the plate of the more tilted motor bike on before should add weight on the arms (also).

Kawasaki Z800 2013: From the nine with old man

Kawasaki Z800 2013: not only of the large pistons

  • – New roadster Z 2013 is characterized by its new cubic capacity, either 806 Cm3, obtained by the increase in the boring of 68.4 mm to 71 mm (or the diameter of the pistons, whereas their height was cut down to reduce them), with an aim of optimizing the performances on all the beach of mode.
  • – The diameter of the bodies of injection increases by 2 mm, to accompany the increase in cubic capacity. This work touches the whole of the admission and the exhaust, with in particular of the conduits (admission and exhaust) longer but length different (led admission of the shorter external cylinders) from way still to support there the couple with bottom and semi mode of a motor bike which already did not miss any not compared with competition.
  • – The aluminum cylinder block run under pressure (technical used usually today, even on the executives) is lighter of 1 kg. The lubrication of the engine was optimized, son carter of oil reinforced.
  • – The exhaust box of Z800 2013 also new, more compact, and is equipped with a valve for there too supporting the couple.
  • – The crown equipped with 45 teeth instead of 43, determines a shorter reduction, therefore accelerations plus sharp. The pinions of the first and last reports are reinforced consequently.
  • – According to this first information, the weight ratio/power would almost not evolve between Kawasaki Z750 and Z800, is:

Z 750 current: 229 kg all full facts (weighed ms), 106 ch with 10,500 tr/min and 8.0 daN.m with 8,300 tr/min

Kawasaki Z800 2013: 229 kg all full facts (announced), 106 ch with 10,000 tr/min, 8.05 daN.m with 8,000 tr/min

But one notices here, and to confirm in a forthcoming test, an engine availability in light progression.

Kawasaki Z800 2013: From the nine with old man

With the east, (almost) nothing again

  • – The framework of Kawasaki Z800 2013 is taken again of Kawasaki Z 750 R, and reinforced. The adjustments of the reversed fork Kayaba were modified to accompany the increase announced by the performances of the engine. It is adjustable on the standard version, but not on the version “E” (70 kw).
  • – Moved laterally to leave place to the new system of exhaust, the back shock absorber is equipped with an aluminum body and a separated, and adjustable reserve in relaxation/preload (standard Z800 only; on Z800 E, steel body, not of separate tank and adjustment in preload only). Version Kawasaki Z 800e will be equipped in clamps before 2 pistons against 4 pistons for standard Z800. To note, Z800 will be also available in version ABS. – The manufacturer will propose also various accessories for Kawasaki Z800 2013: protections of motor casings, covers saddle, bubble, etc
  • – Color: green, bench, black, orange, white

Kawasaki Z800 2013: From the nine with old man

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