Limited Edition GSX R-1000 2013


Since Suzuki has recently produced its 1 millionth GSX-R, the company deemed it right to produce a commemorative edition to celebrate this event. Although their new ride isn’t as powerful as the Hayabusa 1300, the Limited Edition GSX R-1000 2013 still has what it takes to make your heart skip a beat.

The Limited Edition GSX R-1000 is equipped with high end technologies to ensure that it remains on the top of its game. You can already feel the sportiness of the bike with its agile stance and modern contours. The fuel tank that has a sharp cut to it combined with the high-grip seat that is made from leather and the bike’s imposing nose lend a sporty feel to the GSX R-1000.

Suzuki’s GSX R-1000 is powered by 999cc four cylinder engine with a Bore and Stroke of 74.5mm and 57.3mm. To give the bike its much needed power, the engine is paired with a 4-2-1 exhaust system which includes the Suzuki Exhaust Tuning valve which works by increasing throttle response as well as send torque to its maximum capacity.

There are other features that are worth taking note of with the Limited Edition GSX R-1000 by Suzuki. These are:

  • Rear suspension spring colored in red.
  • The serial plate of the GSX R-1000 will be attached to the upper front bracket of the bike’s fork.
  • Brembo calipers in black with lettering in red.
  • Commemorative graphics installed on the Special Edition GSX-R as a form of celebration for the first GSX-R released in 1985.
  • Front fork caps that are red-anodized as further enhancement to the bike.
  • A never before seen pin stripe design on the wheels
  • A key fob with the logo “R” printed.

The Limited Edition GSX R-1000 2013 has a frame made from lightweight aluminium cradle to improve its performance on the race track. Among the added features to this bike are the dual trip meters, LCD speedometer, clock, reserve trip meter, lap-timer/stopwatch, S-DMS indicator and dual trip meters.

You can also get to adjust the footpegs of the GSX-R in three ways for a more comfortable ride. The leather seat itself is an improvement since it gives you a much better hold on the bike and stability as you increase your speed.

If you want to get your hands on the Limited Edition GSX R-1000 2013, you should get in line since there will only be less than 2,000 units to be sold worldwide.

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