MV Augusta Rivale 800 for a Unique Riding Satisfaction

A lot of motorcycle enthusiasts are waiting with anticipation for the newest addition to the MV Augusta Three family which is the MV Augusta Rivale 800. During its launch at EICMA Motor Show, many were impressed with how sporty and aggressive its overall design looked that they started to compare it with the Ducati Hypermotard.

What makes MV Augusta Rivale 800 very much talked about is the fact that it combines the engine as well as the rolling gear of both Brutale 675 and 800 and their F3 in its design. When you look closely with this latest addition to the MV Augusta Three family, you will find that it features the chassis of both MV Augusta F3 and Brutale 675 which is a good start and that its engine is quite capable of producing 125hp in just 11,600rpm. You can also expect to see Brutale 800’s electronic suite integrated into the MV Augusta Rivale 800 where you can find traction control, ride-by-wire as well as selectable mapping.

You can see that MV Augusta paid closer attention to its design while not focusing on the technical aspects of their motorcycle. This is evident from the rear view mirrors all the way to the tank, lights as well as the seat. Although a lot of bikers agree that the tank itself is a bit bulky, it still goes hand in hand with the rest of MV Augusta Rivale 800’s body.

What else can you find in MV Augusta Rivale 800? Here are some of the features that are worth taking note of:

  • Combination of Sachs shock absorber and 45mm Marzocchi fork allows for more wheel travel.
  • An extra rake about half a degree is placed on the front end of the motorcycle.
  • It has a dry weight of 375lbs which is a good sign in terms of power to weight ratio.
  • Four-piston calipers and dual 320mm set discs are set up on the front wheel while a 220mm disc combined with Brembo caliper at the back provides sufficient stopping power for MV Augusta Revile 800.

Although the numbers are still not in, you can expect to get more out of the MV Augusta Rivale 800 at a price of $13,970. With the features mentioned above and MV Augusta Rivale 800’s highly aggressive and sporty design, there is no wonder why the MV Augusta Three family is what’s being talked about in the past few weeks.

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