Nissin ABS Defect Prompts Bike Recalls

ABSFour motorcycle manufacturers recalled their products after being linked to the defective ABS unit by Nissin. Kawasaki, Honda, Triumph and Suzuki are already recalling their motorcycles that make use of the ABS system. Reports say that the total number of motorcycles recalled was 5766 including popular models like the brand new Kawasaki Ninja 300 and the Suzuki Hayabusa.

Most of the recall notices put blame on an error with the manufacturing of Nissin’s ABS unit. According to the OEM Defect Notices, the functionality of the ABS unit can be compromised due to a misalignment in the inlet valve where foreign bodies can get inside the braking fluid. The foreign substance that can potentially harm the ABS system, based on the investigation of both Suzuki and Honda are aluminium chips. Triumph, on the other hand, described them as aluminium fillings. On Kawasaki’s recall notice, the foreign bodies appear to be dust which can foul up the system.

Honda’s Defect Notice was more detailed since the recall affected 235 units of their brand new 2014 CTX700. According to Honda, there were some installed ABS modulators that were contaminated by an aluminium chip which might have come from an error during the manufacturing stage. To be more specific, Honda pinpointed that the source of the error was a misalignment between the insertion jig responsible for the installation of the inlet check valve for the brake fluid and the fixture that secures the modulator body in place. This misalignment might have caused the edge of the bore to be chipped resulting to an aluminium chip getting inside the ABS system.

Honda further stated in their Defect Notice that if ever the aluminium chip gets lodged in the outlet or inlet check valves in time with the brake actuation, the ABS system will fail to respond and this will cause the wheels to skid. When this happens, the end result will be the rider and motorcycle crashing on the road or against other obstacles or vehicles. The ABS system is designed to prevent skidding when the rider brakes hard but if there is indeed a contaminant, there is a big chance that the ABS system will malfunction.

Customers of these four motorcycle companies will be sent notices regarding the recall while dealers will receive new units with the ABS unit replaced. Owners who own motorcycles that are part of the recall can contact their dealer or the company to have their unit replaced.

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