Riding the New Yamaha XV950


The Yamaha XV950 has received a lot of criticisms saying that it was simply a clone of the Harley with its steel cradle chassis and V-twin, air-cooled engine. However, Yamaha has added a little twist to its XV 950 “Sports Heritage” theme where they will let their customers do their own customization of their ride.

In order for customers to personalize their ride, Yamaha has made the parts of the XV 950 such as its seat, tank, exhausts and lights removable. The brushed aluminium as well as black paint makes it even more possible for riders to add their own personality to their ride. Yamaha has already outlined their plans on where they want to take the XV950 and so far it has piqued the curiosity of many.

What can you expect from the Yamaha XV950? Here are some of its features:

  • Improved intake system for better efficiency.
  • 60-degree V-twin engine that is completely air-cooled.
  • A compact version of air cleaner to increase the motorcycle’s torque output.
  • 2-in-1 exhaust pipe designed to hug the bike’s form.
  • 12 spoke cast wheels.
  • A frame that is double cradle to make handling easier and more agile.
  • LED light installed at the rear.
  • 12 liter fuel tank.
  • 298mm discs along with floating rotors.

Apparently, the Yamaha XV 950 has two purposes in life. The first one is its “bobber” aspiration where the bike is devoid of any stylish features and accessories so that the customers themselves will be the ones to put a stamp on their own ride. Yamaha is hoping that they will be able to persuade their buyers to spend money on their accessories after purchasing the XV 950.

The other life of the Yamaha XV 950 is in its performance where it hopes to rival that of the performance of Harley with its V-twin air cooled, belt-driven motor from its Midnight Star model which is known to produce more torque compared to power which suits driving in and around the city. The rest of the features found in the Yamaha XV 950 are brand new including chassis, tank and exhaust.

The XV 950 will be sold at £7,199 while the XV 950R is priced at £7,499. If you are going for the “R” version, it will come with a buckskin seat, a camo green or matt grey paint job, ABS and twin shocks. The XV 950 responds to the rider’s every touch and it can handle tight corners easily.

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