Suzuki Burgman 650 has a problem?

latestbikesinfo is conducting the investigation

Via our maxitest and comments in our tests, you have reported recurring technical problems with your maxiscooters Suzuki Burgman. After 400, we focused this time on the case of 650. Here is our survey.

Once is not (yet) custom … But to exploit the enormous potential of an information site, we have always believed in latestbikesinfo we had to take into account your feedback. This is already happening on the maxitest and more in the comments on our articles. After concerns met with Vectrix importer, you have warned about problems with the transmission of Suzuki Burgman 650. During the presentation of his Maxiscooter few years ago, the Japanese promised a lifetime warranty transmission. Your experience shows the contrary … See it.

What is the problem on the Suzuki Burgman 650 ?

The Suzuki Burgman 650 has a transmission called CVT (continuously variable automatic transmission). This offers the opportunity to select two automatic modes (Drive and Power), and another to select manual mode by hand one of five available reports. To do this, it uses a reinforced belt, placed between two pulleys. The effect of transmissionis obtained by adjusting the distance between the flanges installed on the same blocks. This complex system is very efficient in the trial, it allows to move forcefully the power of twin and play on the engine speed of the machine like a motorcycle. But the mechanism has its limitations. Especially when the road scooter big changes especially in urban areas where the mechanics have traditionally undermined. The user then sees the fits and starts becoming more pronounced at low revs, warning signs of rupture of a small stop screw placed inside the CVT. This body maintains a bearing. Unfortunately, by dint of solicitation, it will eventually break. The bearing then rotates freely in the housing and eventually, completely destroy the system.

The owners of Suzuki Burgman 650 Scooter show on-Station

I met this problem after 20 000 km warranty and out of time. It is the only problem with this vehicle. I wrote to Suzuki to expose my problem and have taken as collateral, but I had a refusal. The dealer from whom I do my follow-up and maintenance emphasized heavily from Suzuki. Finally, they agreed to guarantee the room but not labor.

Casse brutal CVT to 49 000 km, the SAV SUZUKI contacted responded and off warranty (he was 3 1 / 2), nothing would be defrayed. It is almost impossible to find a box of occasion, the repair with a change in the box with a new one costs between $ 3,000 and € 3,500. The Burgman is the case, again for € 1 000, when he was worth in 3500 if the argus takes into account the mileage … I want much to Suzuki have nothing wanted to know. I had the pleasure to drive this machine mixed use.

For me, this is my fourth Suzuki Burgman 650 since 2002. On my first, front bearing, taken as security. On my second overdrive, failure CVT has about 22 000 km, made under warranty. The third, even down to about 24 000 km, well past warranty.

Do things in perspective. A similar number of Internet users contacted by our editorial staff via their email listed on the maxitest, these are less likely to complain about transmission problems than their counterparts operating on the 400 cm3 of the brand. In addition, it appears that in some cases, Suzuki has increased the commercial guarantees. This means that even for machines that had more than two years, the brand has sometimes granted the shipment of parts, labor against by being charged to the client. The problem is that opinions differ at all while on this Suzuki Burgman 650. Owners happy who from the beginning to 80 000 km of their machines have had no problems. Other operating on third-hand scooters for example, who break their CVT as they show only 25 000 km. To take advantage of the commercial guarantee, Suzuki again acts in each case. And of course, we learn officially by the manufacturer that these problems are isolated and are in no way a hidden defect that would require time to practice legally extended warranty.

Suzuki Burgman 650: The anti-casse parade

Again, the Suzuki Burgman 650 Used should not scare potential buyers, provided that they covet scooters have a maintenance book scrupulously followed. The goal is whether, at some point, the CVT has been opened and checked. A technician will then monitored the status of this famous stop screw when it is usually supposed to grease the worm gear reduction devolved to change. But even if the book does not mention it, nothing prevents an appointment at a dealership so that it makes this finding. The cost of labor, to open a CVT, is always less important than the change …

The Burgman 650 mod. 2010 is it reliable?

Mechanically speaking, as the system remains unchanged, the problem is on the new model. However, as the previous vintage (2009), the automatic transmission of the Suzuki Burgman 650 has a stop screw strengthened. Unlike previous versions, the element has been processed making it less sensitive to departures and repeated accelerations. We have currently no decrease in reliability, but the case remains to follow via your comments on the forum latestbikesinfo, on maxitests and in the comments under the articles. Stay tuned …

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10 Responses to Suzuki Burgman 650 has a problem?

  1. Dear Sir,
    Congratulations for all your wonderful work.
    I’m reading your reviews from Greece.
    Regarding the Burgman 650 problem, I’m an owner of this great Maxi scooter and I faced also this problem and 90% of BRGM 650 users that I’m asking they faced already the same case and they are many. It’s a bike that costs more than 10.000 Euro and in my opinion this is a case that Suzuki should had shown more concern and more professionalism.
    Best Regards

  2. well i thought i would buy a burman 650, but from all the negative info i get from owners about the problems the are having with this unreliable scoot,i will stay with honda or yamaha products,

  3. I own a 2003 Burgman and have only 11k. The bike started with a FI (fule injection) error code that has never been resolved and has problems starting.
    Now the scooter is smoking to the point of embarrassment and I figure I will have to put a few thousand into it to make it work correctly again. Not looking forward to that…

  4. I want to buy a used B-650. It’s a 2011 with 10,500 mi. All the Burg 650s I habe ridden have a high pitched whining noise. The bike sounds like a 4 cyl toyota hilux truck.

    What should I know before thinking of this purchasse?

    • I bought used 2006 650 with about 5000 mile on it It developed a whining noise in the transmission section now with 6800 mile it has major grinding noise and needs to be tore down.

  5. I had the gear not switching problem, with my just under three year old Burgman 650 Executive last year. It left me stranded in the motorway near Manchester, after paying the local mechanic 200 pounds to diagnose I decided to transport back to London another 300 plus 500 repair cost from my dealer. Suzuki paid for the part ( A new gear box), the problem occurred again after a month but went away while at the dealer. Now I am stranded again but now in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and I am really worry that my only solution is to abandon my Burgman. The dealer told me back in the UK that because it was over three years old they didn’t expect Suzuki to do anything about it….. Any ideas of what I should do. The local dealer in Amsterdam told me that if they start taking the motorbike apart the cost could go over 2,500 Euros…. Maybe taking my dealer to court is my only option…. How can I prove my case so…

  6. john sonoras jr

    have a 2003 650 bergman charged battery then battery went dead while riding jump started batty went dead put some charge in to get home when this charge ran out bike stoped what is wrong how to fix need to get it back on road, one time as battery was dieing bike started luching as the battery was getting some juice then all went dead battery ok just not getting juice from bike need help on this one thank john

  7. i have a 2006 suzuki burgman 650 the stop screw mentioned is a $8.00 part in the u.s. and takes about 5-10 minutes to change. i would just buy a few and change it every 3000 miles or so.

  8. I was thinking of getting a 650 burgman, but with all these promblems I really don’t want to get one

  9. The more I read about the problems that Suzuki burgman 650 has with the cvt the more I’m thinking of getting the Honda siverwing 650. For that kind of money, I want a bike that will not break