Suzuki Reveals Three BOSS Boulevards


Suzuki has finally revealed their first models for 2014 which are Boulevard C50 BOSS and the Boulevard M109R BOSS. The 2013 Boulevard C90 BOSS was also revealed which expanded the BOSS series to four models already. It was the 2013 Boulevard C90T BOSS or Black-Out Special Suzuki that spearheaded the new Suzuki series and due to its popularity, Suzuki deemed it necessary to come out with other models that will impress their fans and critics alike.

The C90 Boss is basically the same as that of its predecessor the C90T but without the hard bags and the windshield. The forks, wheels, engine covers, exhaust as well as its other parts are all treated in black just like the C90T. It still retains its 1462cc powerplant, shaft drive and steel chassis.

The same goes with the M109R BOSS with its black wheels, mufflers, handlebars, engine covers, fork tubes, brake calipers and others. The difference is that a Marble Daytona Yellow is used as trimmings on the fenders, gas tank, headlight and wheel striping. The M109R BOSS is equipped with a 1783cc liquid-cooled engine with an integrated Suzuki Dual Throttle fuel injection system for better performance. It also runs on inverted fork and a 240mm rear tire.

The C50 BOSS which is in the middle weight cruiser class is stylish and sleek with its black treatment. Everything about the C50 BOSS is all about black instead of chrome from its handlebars to its cast wheels and mufflers. This middleweight cruiser is powered by an 805cc liquid-cooled and fuel injected engine. All chrome parts have been changed into black giving this ride a mean look.

The new models for the blacked-out BOSS boulevards will start arriving in stores by July. And as a special treat for their customers, Suzuki will give its customers a blacked-out experience in their website come Memorial Day.

Suzuki has certainly made an impression with their first BOSS model and it appears that their newer models will be worth the wait especially with their all black treatment. This is not the only reason why these models are eagerly anticipated by Suzuki fans. Their powerful performance will be tried and tested too once they start arriving in stores by July. More information will be given about these three new BOSS models. For now, it is quite exciting to see how sleeker and meaner they all look with their black treatments and yellow trimmings.

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