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Motorcycle News 2012: BMW F800R Black Edition

BMW recently unveiled a version completely draped in black from his roadster BMW F800R. Drivers Marco Melandri and Leon Haslam have posed for the camera since this version was unveiled in conjunction with the Italian leg of the Monza Superbike world. Developed for the Italian market, this version of the BMW F800R manly could cross […]

BMW K 1600 GT: Without L, is even better!

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Following our tour of South Africa handle new high-end BMW Road. After K1600GTL, the K1600GT confirms our first impressions … better! Lighter and private top box, this bike offers a large potential dynamic and impressive comfort, magic 6-cylinder in addition! BMW K 1600 GT: the first test Do not hide our enthusiasm: the first attempt […]

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BMW R1200R: The quiet strength

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With a more powerful engine and a chassis that showcases the agility, the big BMW roadster with boxer engine that feeling again but lose nothing of its versatility! Here is a very attractive bike, except the price still little backbone … BMW R1200R: The complete test Unlike the R 1200 S that is more radical, […]

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BMW 125 C 1

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Since its release in 2000, the BMW 125 C1 has a lot of talk by his truly revolutionary concept. Today, the disappearance of the catalog is regretted many scooters. After a long campaign, the famous BMW 125 C1 scooter finally arrived at dealerships in 2000. Its concept is new: mix the traditional characteristics of a […]

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We know very involved in the BMW hybrid car technologies. Not surprisingly, today to discover the proposed electric scooter called BMW C1-E. We interviewed Jean-Michel Cavret, the boss of BMW Motorrad at the subject. Never short on revelations, BMW suggested there is little that it will market a maxi-scooter, the fruit of his collaboration with […]

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BMW R1250GS liquid cooled 2013: New photos – less – stolen!

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As we approach 2012, the Web lets in some pictures of the BMW R1250GS future “liquid” (water cooled), with a revised chassis and aesthetically retouched, without denying the legacy GS. And fans of the Gelande Strasse rest assured: even water-cooled boxer engine rest of the game. The honor is safe! It’s no secret: the “stolen […]

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The workshop of BMW C1

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The BMW C1 scooter first full-body and driving without a helmet, have been marketed as 3 years. But its strengths continue to make it a highly sought two wheels in the big cities. At Boulogne-Billancourt, Executive Concept specializes in the sale and maintenance. Located in Boulogne Billancourt, Executive Concept deals exclusively with the BMW C1. […]

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In December 2011, the BMW plant in Berlin produced the first all-new BMW series C 600 C 650 Sport and GT. German workers have had to learn to control the assembly of maxi scooters, a new task for those used in the world of motorcycling. The all new BMW C 600 and C 650 Sport […]

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BMW released a new generation of motorcycle safety C1

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The biggest problem is that motorcycle riders safety. Has been described as driving a car is a hard package of meat, bun iron motorcycle is very vividly point out the dangers of riding a motorcycle.Motorcycle helmet is the most important hand-carry protection devices, many cities in China shall not prohibit riding a motorcycle on the […]

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GS told the new era Introduction of BMW R1100GS

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BMW R1100GS was launched in the spring of 1994, was 145 million yen without ABS, with 162 million yen ABS, it was priced vehicles with ABS · 169 million yen from the catalytic converter in 1997. Early days, because it was used for comparison to the R100GS, who stepped on second thought seems to be […]

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BMW K1200RS engine models equipped with high-speed vertical

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In 1983, K Series with its first-ever multi-engine BMW Motoraddo Following the K100 was announced the vanguard; K100RS was published the same year. Engine crankshaft is mounted vertically, and the Japanese four-cylinder models have a distinctly different feel, a high-speed cruise performance was a model of ideological differences that become apparent. In the first production […]

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BMW S1000RR Motorcycle Premium Line Video

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Super Sport models – BMW premium line of S1000RR Motorcycle. Exhaust sound, motion video delivered by the meter. Japanese specification, standard muffler made ​​Akurapobitchi. Asymmetrical shape headlights First, we have adopted a different design also depends on the shape of the cowl side. BMW S1000RR Motorcycle Video BMW S1000RR Motorcycle BMW S1000RR Motorcycle Meter Picture […]

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