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Honda motorcycle NC 700 X vs Yamaha XJ6

After a first round against a reference trail road, the Suzuki 650 V-Strom 2012, it is time to oppose the new Honda NC 700  X 4 cylinder to a road, able to satisfy both beginners and experienced bikers. The arguments “classic“ of the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion will they measure up to those of the new […]

Honda Integra 700 C-ABS 2012

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Pragmatism and common sense floating in the air. To meet the needs of modern commuters, Honda offers them a new vision of motorized two-wheeler with the Honda Integra 700, part scooter, part motorcycle, described as economic, efficient and even exciting … Is he really? Back test, latestbikesinfo meets you! Honda has made a habit of […]

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Honda NC 700 S, NC 700 X, Integra: Prices, rested … and powers

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The new range Honda NC 700 S, 700 NC X and Integra raises many questions and responses on the forum latestbikesinfo. The opportunity then to take stock of their values​​, the fee schedule and timing of arrival in concession. In 2012, Honda with one stone … three times, since the Japanese automaker is developing a […]

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