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Test Honda CBR250R: Sporting urban sauce Thai

Initially intended for the emerging countries, large consuming this cubic capacity, Honda CBR250R unloads in France and proposes an alternative to Kawasaki Ninja 250 R. dressed ‘ a careen age race and developing, this true innovation also plays the card of the versatility to the daily newspaper. Will that be for as much sufficient? Honda […]

Honda VFR1200F (DCT) 2012: The devil is in the details

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Two years after arriving in the niche of large sport-touring, the Honda VFR1200F undergoes its first change this year. Revised engine for more torque, dual clutch DCT improved, refined equipment: the reshuffle he offers to the VFR 2012 its ambitions? To make sure, we tried the new Honda VFR1200F in standard and DCT in the […]

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Honda NC 700 X: Lots of good reasons

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Honda does not rely solely on high performance bikes or scooters utilities. The manufacturer develops a new strategy, and present three models based on a common basis and designed to meet the needs “essential”. First representative of the “family”, trail Honda NC 700 X wants versatile, economical … no-nonsense end? Honda NC 700 X: First […]

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Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 2012: School of miles

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Tirelessly, Honda is developing its sports bikes with clockwork regularity. For 2012, the Honda CBR1000RR gets new suspension, new wheels, a new electronic engine control and ABS, a revised dashboard and heals his eyes: more an evolution than a revolution. We took the measure of this beautiful super bike circuit: haro on the curbs! Honda […]

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Honda VT 750 Shadow: The Phantom Menace

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True to its reputation as a carmaker, Honda does not waive any category of motorcycle. And if the custom is still under American domination, the Japanese giant introduced the C2B Honda VT 750 at the end of 2011. Draped in elegant black dress, this new Honda VT 750 Shadow Will it shade for Harley-Davidson? She […]

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Honda motorcycle NC 700 X vs Yamaha XJ6

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After a first round against a reference trail road, the Suzuki 650 V-Strom 2012, it is time to oppose the new Honda NC 700  X 4 cylinder to a road, able to satisfy both beginners and experienced bikers. The arguments “classic“ of the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion will they measure up to those of the new […]

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Honda Integra 700 C-ABS 2012

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Pragmatism and common sense floating in the air. To meet the needs of modern commuters, Honda offers them a new vision of motorized two-wheeler with the Honda Integra 700, part scooter, part motorcycle, described as economic, efficient and even exciting … Is he really? Back test, latestbikesinfo meets you! Honda has made a habit of […]

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Honda PCX 125: Starting with a bang

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The marketing of Honda PCX only started since the beginning of June and already over 600 people have succumbed to the lure of novelty. To understand the reasons for this success, latestbikesinfo interviewed José Alves, Director of the concession Japauto located avenue the la Grande Armée in Paris In just over a month, Honda PCX […]

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Honda CBF125 test: Successful simply

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Due to the success of Yamaha YBR and multiplication of its copies in Asia, Honda responded by presenting the Honda CBF125. This new small 125 takes the creed that had the success of the CG, “simplicity, efficiency, economy,“ which adds a small dose of fun. Honda CBF125: The complete test Between 2002 and 2007, the […]

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Honda Varadero XL 125V : Trail for all!

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Versatile, comfortable, with a generous size and a sleek design, this Varadero appeals to a wide audience. Despite a rather hefty price, it has since its release in 2001 the best selling 125 in France! Honda Varadero XL 125V : The complete test Expected to rival the Yamaha 125 TDR popular in our market, the […]

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Many of you are waiting for our breaking news and exclusive information on new bikes … even outside of France. This time, Rana Abaidullah, a motorcycle news reader who wants to know if the changing of the Honda Pan European happen in 2013 or not, and whether it will meet its own specifications, to say […]

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Honda SW-T 600 C-ABS 2011

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The Honda FJS 600 Silver Wing is gone! Place in Honda SW-T600, showing a luxurious Maxi scooter architecture and plastic SW-400 T, but the mechanical features 12 extra horsepower. Not surprisingly, the approval is only better, but this is it investment, both in the price of consumption? Back test, latestbikesinfo answers you! For nearly a […]

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Honda S-Wing 300 i to 2012?

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Since the 250 Forza Honda has disappeared from the catalog, it is clear that he lacks the range of world number one a GT inserted between the S-Wing 125 and SW-400 T. A more powerful S-Wing would be the perfect missing link lights on the market. Equipped with the latest SH 300i engine, its power […]

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Honda SH 300i

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If we were told that a scooter would be 300 cm3 motorcycles as well as a small or medium displacement, we would have struggled to believe it! Since the test of Honda SH 300i, we have proof. The new Honda scooter challenges the two and three wheels, no less! Compact, thin and short, the HS […]

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