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Troy Lee is a huge name in offroad. The former racer began his business painting helmets 33 years ago, before starting his own motocross race team in 2004, which has had varying success. The TLD brand is renowned worldwide for making quality helmets and gear, so with the company’s success, Troy himself wanted to put […]

Motorcycles We Didn’t Know

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  The mention of the term “scooters” brings to mind big brands such as Honda and Suzuki. However, there are many other lesser known brands such as SYM, Torino, Kymco and others which can compete with the big brands in quality and performance. Here is a closer lookup of a few such brands: Kymco Kymco […]

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Jimmy Kimmel Gives the World and a Pedego City Commuter to Good Samaritan

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To celebrate Earth Day, Jimmy Kimmel gifted this good samaritan the world, followed by a brand new Pedego City Commuter! Follow this link to see the video clip: Jimmy Kimmel Live celebrates Earth Day by giving away a Pedego The Pedego City Commuter is the perfect mode of transportation for people needing a quality electric bike […]

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Husqvarna 900 Nuda

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After KTM is the turn of another specialist off-road venturing on the road. Recently acquired by BMW, Husqvarna took the opportunity to dip into the organ bank of the Bavarians to develop a well-powered roadster, playful but very bare. And a low rate could complicate his task. Frame, engine, suspension and big basta! The name […]

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