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Latestbikes BMW C600 Sport vs Yamaha TMAX 530, 1st comparative exclusive!

You all expected it, latestbikesinfo.com is happy to be the 1st media with you to offer it! Here the 1st dynamic comparative truth of BMW C 600 Sport vis-a-vis Yamaha TMAX 530! Weight, power with the bench, accelerations, recoveries, top speeds, we very measured to test as well as possible the best maximum scooters 2012. […]

Yamaha XP500 T Max 2008

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While the sporting interest option now other manufacturers, Yamaha has chosen to strengthen its Yamaha XP500 T Max without affecting its displacement. With its impressive aluminum chassis and equipment that close to perfection, this scooter effectively renews its arguments. T MAX, the letters in stone to symbolize the arrival of these four maxi scooters. To […]

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Yamaha TMax 530 2012


His new look does not disappoint. Sleeker, the new Yamaha TMax 530 is placed more to cross genres. He also won 3 and lost 4 kilos horses to enhance performance. But this year, with the coming into play of BMW, competition should be fierce. With this development, Yamaha did hit the mark? Back test in […]

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