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Comparative motor bikes Yamaha FZ8 vs FZ8 R Line vs FZ8 Road Cup: Road with the circuit

At Yamaha, the FZ8 represents the standard offer as regards roadster of rolled average. Yamaha Motor France did not wish to remain about it there, and proposes a version R Line accessorized and equipped better in suspensions. But the amateurs of competition, on road or circuit, can choose the preparation Road Cup, otherwise more radical. […]

Yamaha RD 350 LC, long lives the cylinder holes!

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We take the yamaha RD 350 LC motorcycle test. What is your opinion? Raed below article and send us your feedbacks. Constantly changing, the Maxitest latestbikesinfo is in recent weeks pride of place to motorcycles for 80 years. And early forms are beginning to reach us, usually filled by enthusiasts who loved – and sometimes even […]

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Yamaha YZ250F: Attention!

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While in Ceruse to complete his preparation, Marc Bourgeois, Team driver of France’s Army FFM, allowed us to ride his motorcycle racing for the World Championship Enduro and France. Surprise, the Yamaha YZ250F banging results in high level is far from inaccessible, quite the contrary… Yamaha YZ250FE: first test The meeting place is taken, Marc […]

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Attention! Both TMAX latestbikesinfo as you today, are not the final tuning of fashion. They do not belong to an ultimate limited edition Yamaha’s sportiest of maxiscooters. These shiny gear sticks “Police“ are indeed authentic vehicles belonging to intercept the National Police. Offenders from the road, tremble! Passing at the headquarters of Yamaha France, which […]

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Yamaha T-Max 750

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Rumors about a new maxi-scooter Yamaha are taking shape with the dissemination of patent for an illustration of a Yamaha T-Max 750 cm3 three-cylinder, mated to an automatic transmission. The reports to the T Max would be well underway … While the new scramble in 125, the segment of more than 500 cm3 seems strangely […]

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Yamaha XP500 T Max 2008

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While the sporting interest option now other manufacturers, Yamaha has chosen to strengthen its Yamaha XP500 T Max without affecting its displacement. With its impressive aluminum chassis and equipment that close to perfection, this scooter effectively renews its arguments. T MAX, the letters in stone to symbolize the arrival of these four maxi scooters. To […]

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Yamaha YZF1000R1 2012: (at) Traction under control

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In 2009, Yamaha super sport upset the world with its R1 motor Cross Plane. Three years later, we expected to find this block in a new chassis. Pushing back the deadline, Yamaha developed its R1 2012 vintage in homeopathic doses, with a refreshed design and TCS traction control. Towards the Valencia circuit where we expect […]

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Major new Yamaha in 2012, Yamaha WR450F is expected to turn in the steadfast fans of the brand, neglected for many years. But this all-new enduro bike does respond to their expectations? The Yamaha WR450F 2012 she held all its promises? latestbikesinfo you respond right away …. Yamaha WR450F 2012: First test For the presentation […]

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Honda motorcycle NC 700 X vs Yamaha XJ6

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After a first round against a reference trail road, the Suzuki 650 V-Strom 2012, it is time to oppose the new Honda NC 700  X 4 cylinder to a road, able to satisfy both beginners and experienced bikers. The arguments “classic“ of the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion will they measure up to those of the new […]

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Yamaha YBR250: Equitable quasi Utility

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Made in Brazil, Yamaha YBR250 represents the utility in the sense of the term. Easy, it is proving very economical to use and small motor shown good will. But its price is nothing fair! Yamaha YBR250: The complete test There are utilities such as these bikes are in a dream sometimes that is simple and […]

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Yamaha XTZ1200 THE World crosser

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Yamaha exhibited at the Paris Salon two special editions of the Yamaha XTZ1200 Super Ténéré. Limited Edition and Worldcrosser baptized, both over-equipped versions of the big trail forks to see their equipment and finish revised upwards. But beware: only one of them is scheduled for France. Offer extensive color charts or special versions is part […]

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Yamaha XVS1100 Dragstar, custom character

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To share your experience on the handlebars of your bike, the maxitest latestbikesinfo is a statistical tool useful. It allows to collect and present a coherent and instructive the opinion of different users. We have to validate the opinion – informed – a person Station amateur customs, owner of a Yamaha XVS1100 Dragstar. The language […]

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Yamaha MT-03: Gromono is back!

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They had almost forgotten. But changes in customs regulations and helping, the monos are back! After BMW, Aprilia and Honda, Yamaha confirms the trend with this unconventional Yamaha MT-03. On the menu, a mix of roadster and supermotard, grip obvious and especially a very big engine for attaching a real reservoir of pleasure and versatility […]

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Yamaha XJ6 Diversion: Docile but not sad

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2009 Yamaha complete its range of medium displacement with the XJ6 and Yamaha XJ6 Diversion. Back to basics for the brand with the tuning fork that has already enjoyed success in the 90’s with the XJ 600 first name. Diversion and the new millennium has nothing to envy, on the contrary … Yamaha XJ6 Diversion: […]

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