Test Kawasaki Z1000SX: True a Sport-GT!

In 2011, Kawasaki will be on all fronts and inter alia return in the category road with this very expected Kawasaki Z1000SX. A motor bike made to roll the every day, to trot themselves, travel… and also to attack on the small roads! Heavy specifications which we have just put the test on the Spanish roads. Mission accomplished for the greens? Here our verdict.

Kawasaki Z1000SX: First test!

Kawasaki Z1000SX: First test!

Kawasaki did not always make a success of its motor bikes with road vocation and other sport-GT. Of agreement, there was the line of the ZZR and before them famous GPZ 900 R Ninja and other ZX-10 Tomcat. But these motor bikes were before very considering come sporting “the pure juice” of their time. Then, the line of the ZXR continued at Kawasaki, forsaking the category of the road ones somewhat. Proof is the career with extension of the GTR 1000 finally replaced by the GTR 1400 in 2007. In addition, ZR7 S, Z 750 S and ZRX 1200 S did not throw into a panic the statistics of sales. But Kawasaki decided to reconsider the subject in 2011.

With the Kawasaki Z1000SX, the mark made more than to equip its roadster Z1000 and insists besides on this point: “We did not make as SuzXXkX” was project on the wall at the time of the press conference preceding our rolling by test, a clear and rather new message in its form for a Japanese mark.

Kawasaki Z1000SX: First test!

A Kawasaki Z1000SX OK to go to work

No matter what Kawasaki says some, the technical platform of Kawasaki Z1000 roadster is largely taken again on its innovation road motor bike 2011: even tallies, even oscillating arm, almost the same brakes. But the suspensions are modified, the lengthened final transmission and the specific adjustments engine. But more than all, it is the preparing and the ergonomics which evolve in an outstanding way.

While climbing on board, one changes universe completely: integral careenage, new instrument panel, tank always fine but removed from the contactor to gain in capacity, saddles modified, new half-handlebars conferring a right posture and drawing aside the arms less… The position on board the Kawasaki Z1000SX is software, unconstrained for neither the bust nor the legs. The saddle culminates to 822 mm of the ground: a little too high for the pilots 1.70 m, which, like your servant, will be able to hardly pose more than the points of the feet on the ground with the stop.

Kawasaki Z1000SX: First test!

Contact: if the melody characteristic of the exhaust is preserved, the clerk’s office of the careenage made the side scoops which force-feed the box with air on Kawasaki Z 1000. Result, one does not perceive any more this noise of aspiration so present on the roadster. While taking seat on board the Kawasaki Z1000SX, one enters a world more felted. The orders fall naturally under the fingers, the clutch is flexible, the suave throttle control. The gear boxes were still hard on our motor bikes of test, for lack of grinding especially. As for him, the weight all full facts, announced to 228 kg without ABS, is not felt.

Kawasaki Z1000SX shows rather instinctive of catch in hands for one 1,000 Cm3. However, this motor bike remains more intimidating that Honda CBF 1000 F for example. It directs just what it is necessary, without more, but proves sufficiently squat to thread in circulation. Without the shade of a doubt, this Kawasaki will discharge daily use correctly, there even if one would have liked to have a trunk under the saddle even more generous to be able to shelter U worthy of this name.

Kawasaki Z1000SX: First test!

Punchy like a Kawasaki… but general-purpose

The small portions of motorway make it possible to test the protection offered by the bubble manual adjustment. It is undeniable; the three positions are not there for the Deco. In low position, as of 130 km/h, the pressure of the air on the helmet is marked, whereas in high position, it is possible to cross to approximately 150 km/h without tiredness. It is well better than on any roadster. The monotony of the motorway exercise puts at least forward the vibrations felt in the hands and the feet. Work on platinum’s of the pilot and the half-handlebars sufficiently did not bear fruit, even if these vibrations do not generate excessive swarming for as much.

For its part, the saddle seems too hard with long: pilot and passenger will undoubtedly wish to stop before the motor bike passes in reserve that is to say before 220 km at rolled up rhythm. An error of GPS will lead us on a bad motorway link with an additional loop of 30 km… a good pretext to swallow it as fast as possible and thus to check the directional stability. Fixed to 248 km/h meter on this “German motorway of Spain”, Kawasaki Z1000SX cuts the road with a beautiful rigor. Equipped then with its bags, the hand will have to be returned last approximately 220 km/h to avoid too many movements of the direction in particular. That is to say nothing abnormal finally under this kind of conditions, but a good indicator as for the health of the engine of Z1000SX, here in free version.

Kawasaki Z1000SX: First test!

The strong point of the Z1000SX Strolls… sports!

A powerful engine, it is well, but with the manner, it is better. In the kind, Kawasaki Z1000SX remains faithful to the roadster from which it is resulting, and its ultra muscular recoveries which look like reference. In particular, the version “naked” of Kawasaki Z1000 had bluffed us during the tests of recovery vis-a-vis the CB1000R, outdistancing it with all the modes in spite of the filling however remarkable of the Honda engine. On its side, because of its lengthened transmission, Z1000SX shows slightly less punchy that his/her quasi twin sister, but does not remain about it less this kind of motor bikes which do not require retrogressing to double. Into good Kawasaki, the Z1000SX did not forget its temperament under its careenage! It does not matter the report used on a mountain road for example, to most simply screw the handle of the world will always enable you to exceed in full safety.

Kawasaki Z1000SX: First test!

Consequently, the answer of the 4-cylinders on line is suave, without jolt, with a whirr of exhaust changing between 3,000 and 6,000 tr/min. below this mode, the 1,043 Cm3 is shown a little lazier, but hardly. On the other hand, there remains explosive beyond 7000 tr/min, rant oars towards the red zone with a beautiful spirit! This lengthening-piece, presents especially on the free version (of 138 ch.), only will be seldom put at profit “in the true life”, would be this only compared to speeds reached. What one appreciates especially, it is the roundness of this engine between 3,000 tr/min and 7,000 tr/min, which makes it also pleasant and effective strolls some that at sporting rhythm. To crown the whole, this block still preserves what one can call an engine brake, increasingly rare today.

Kawasaki Z1000SX: First test!

More sport that comfort

Our route carried out us downtown, on motorway and especially on the district distributors, on roads with adherence or the variable coating. Regulated well in suspensions, Kawasaki Z1000SX presents a road behavior which tends more towards the sport than comfort. A sinuous secondary road way corrugated iron surveyed on more than 15 km will show us the good work of the suspensions and their very satisfactory agreement. Lengthened clearances make it possible to preserve comfort without penalizing the precision too much. Sure, that on this ground, a sporting roadster way Triumph Speed Triples differently would have shaken me the bowels!

Precise in the placement (at least as much as a Yamaha FZ1 Fazer), but undoubtedly nimbler, Kawasaki Z1000SX is enjoyed in curve. At most, one finds, as on the roadster, this light stiffness during braking on the angle: nothing dramatic for as much. Kawasaki Z1000SX will be certainly as sensitive to goes up pneumatic as is not to it Kawasaki Z1000. Bridgestone BT 16 assembled in series brought satisfaction. The braking, deprived here of ABS, showed its brilliance. The change of the Master-cylinder, less happy side completion on the way, did not degrade it: power and proportioning make good household.

Kawasaki Z1000SX: First test!

Assessment: A sport-GT in the middle of sporting roadster

Kawasaki chose to make a little more than to disguise its sporting roadster into road. Kawasaki Z1000SX, in its philosophy of control, is true a sport GT. It authorizes a use daily, without moroseness thanks to its excellent engine, available, filled and expressive. Balanced, sparing agility and good directional stability, this innovation motor bike Kawasaki 2011 allows a serene control on all the courses, and all the more without its version ABS.

Side comfort, on the other hand, miracle will not have to be expected. Far from being a “log”, it does well better than a good amount of roadsters of the market, but less although certain indicated competitors. The same applies to the practical aspects, which pass to the second plan.

Kawasaki Z1000SX: First test!

There one touches the limits of the concept of variation: by taking again the technical base of Kawasaki Z 1000, it is impossible for example to graft a central crutch on this Kawasaki Z1000SX, because of the place occupied by the room of the exhausts under the engine. It will thus be necessary to invest in a crutch of workshop. Some would undoubtedly have liked more practical details like a small trunk in the careenage for example.

The approval of use is frankly a success, but Kawasaki Z1000SX is posed like a kind of Ninja converted with tourism. Remain the price, not definite clearly to date. In initial version, without ABS, Z1000SX should be sold approximately 12,500 €. Even with the sights of completed work, it is 1,000 € moreover all the same than the roadster.

For the version ABS, count approximately 13,200 €, and approximately 700 € moreover for the bags. That starts to make much, especially compared to the tariff potential competitors, of Honda CBF 1000 F ABS sold 10,590 € in Suzuki GSX 1250 F, certainly less sporting and sexy on paper, but always unbeatable with 10,499 € with kit bags and ABS.

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