Test Suzuki 125 Address

With its Address, Suzuki proposes a two-wheeled vehicle with box four speeds and the wheels of 17 inches, at the same time nimble and nervous. For does 2,199 €, allure for as much those and those which need mobility? Yes, but under certain conditions.

Test Suzuki 125 Address

With the first glance and the proportions contained of Suzuki 125 Address, one cannot prevent oneself from putting some questions… will “1.80 m, that hold on top? ”, “is this really solid?” or “But that took to me?”. Undoubtedly, extreme compactness and the tiny height of Suzuki predestine it with the small gauges.

Largest will have nothing to however reproach general ergonomics, except perhaps a light lack of protection. Indeed, side deflectors protect more of the bad weather than from the cold or the wind. In the same way, in the event of raised speed, a light pressure is installed on the shoulders and the chest of the driver.

Test Suzuki 125 Address

This known as Address is a terribly pleasant machine. Its obsolete charm acts even into soft and carefully. The saddle is comfortable, although its form obliges to lead “on the front one” and penalizes largest on road. In urban use on the other hand, the position of control proves completely relaxed. Thanks to the careenage wrapping and the flattering instrumentation of edge, one forgets quickly that one does not roll on a traditional scooter. In addition, the impression of quality and the licked completion reassure fully: one is of course a Suzuki.

Test Suzuki 125 Address

A hybrid concept

Halfway between the scooter and a small motor bike, Suzuki 125 Address surprises first of all by the presence of a double pedal speed connect (heel and point). One notices then the absence of clutch lever. This last is quite simply replaced by an automatic system ordered directly with the foot.

“Attention, all speeds are in bottom and the box is cyclic. With the stop, after 4th, one turns over on the dead point if one continues to go down, and so on”. Thank you Jean-Charles (mechanic in Suzuki France), it is good to know, especially for which is accustomed to a classical gear box (first in bottom and other reports in top).

The assisted clutch taking over to disconnect automatically, the behavior with the stop or at the time as of braking remains very close to that of a scooter: one can forget the box and the committed report since one does not serve any more an accelerator. Fortunately for the restarting, one has an essential visual recall: a speedometer engaged is integrated into the block meter.

Carried out under the astounded eye of the motorists surprised by the strength of a so small machine, the first passages speed are epic. Dry and run up, it make leap Address and block the aft wheel with the downshift. Attention will have to be paid the days of rain! Not, it is just advisable to accompany by ankle the passage speeds and to thus play of the clutch, especially while descending the reports. Automatic does not want to say completely transparent or attentive, and it is necessary to accept a certain enthusiasm on behalf of Address…

Test Suzuki 125 Address

An obvious use… or almost

Once the assimilated instructions, to evolve downtown with the handlebar of Address become a play of child. Flexible and voluntary, its engine hopes on first short to ensure of prompt starting, even noisy. Address encases the step with the dedicated scooters, and follows the rhythm of the motor bikes of small-engine car. The two intermediate reports make it possible to run with fluidity in the urban traffic, with the sound become deaf of the exhaust.

The fourth is primarily used to push the two-wheeled vehicle at its maximum speed of 110 km/h. beginning again as of 30 km/h in solo; it makes it possible quickly to reach 90 km/h, once the launched engine. One will need however good conditions to hang 110 km/h. Owing to a good descent, you will be able to even go to titillate the limits of the engine, right before 120 km/h meter… Suzuki 125 Address is not included undoubtedly in the category of the large wheelers. Its recoveries appear suitable, and its immense approval lets the pilot be played of the stopped axes, but its control asks for all the same a good amount of prudence: it is not adapted at the speed and its braking misses power.

Let us recognize that the framework as the suspensions would probably not support more: damping cannot be regulated. Once more adapted to the drivers of 60 kilos and less, it is necessary as a result to accept natural softness of Address and to be wary of the rebounds, immediately reflected in the direction. However, Suzuki circumvents the difficulty easily if you tighten the handlebar well and draw aside the elbows, a not very aerodynamic, but very effective behavior.

Test Suzuki 125 Address

The choice of mobility

Ideal to turn literally around the obstacles, to play the sheets of paper with cigarette in the files of cars, Address proves to be a hybrid talented and filling with enthusiasm, rather intended for the driver’s town without experiment motor bike and equipped with a small gauge that to those which seek a car with two wheels. With respect to the classical customers scooter, Address will have difficulty with stage the absence of back turntable to however adapt a top puts or to excuse the lack of place in the trunk, its large point weak (with the very limited capacity of its petrol tank).

Original in France, expensive with our less demanding friends of the East, Suzuki 125 Address will have undoubtedly difficulty getting a place. Its level of current tariff, however justified by its quality of manufacturing and its robustness (famous), will make some reflect more onTest Suzuki 125 Addresse within sight of what propose the Yamaha YBR, Sym XS and Keyway Speed 125 on the side motor bike and Sym VS, Yamaha Cygnus X. Its only direct competitor remains for the moment Honda Innovated. Let us greet nevertheless the initiative of Suzuki, which proposes an urban of niche original and terribly gravitational scooter.

Test Suzuki 125 Address

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