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First maxi scooter, the Vectrix Electric is marketed in France since May 2008. Its manufacturer has promised performance worthy of a 400 cm3 and ranks well it’s above that of “small” competitors. We have audited, stopwatch in hand, in this first comprehensive test and scooter-exclusive resort!

Our comprehensive test of the Vectrix electric scooter

While the proposals are in the automotive field multiplying (see the success of the Toyota Prius, Honda advances in the field of hybrid and increasing demands on “bio-flex”), the two-wheeled fueled the energy of the third millennium is still a little wait. While the market is not completely call absent, and gear such as Eco 909, the e-Sole, the Evol-X Power Max or the E-110’s have the merit to exist. Purpose in any case, for now we must deal with a very limited speed, the range of 45 km / h and year that Is equally significant autonomy.
The U.S. Company Vectrix, Which Develops products “zero emission” since 1996, is proud to offer it famous electric scooter, the result of $ 80 million investment and six patents. This scooter is currently on sale in the U.S., also purpose in Britain, Spain, Italy, Australia, South Africa, and we know that history is imminent arrival on French soil (it was already planned for the second half of 2007). That we have chosen be closely interested why much more on latestbikesinfo … handlebar hands this time.

Butter without the butter money?

Not only the Vectrix Electric Scooter boasts first-class performance, becoming the first maxi-scooter, drank more importantly, low cost of use is first argument. According To acts manufacturer, it scooter compared with 400 cm3, and cost half as much in one year would fees average of 20 000 km per year covered. According to Vectrix scooter 400 cm3 used in circumstances amounts comparable to year average of € 400 per month, € 200 for Against the Vectrix.
Moreover, it performance is enticing: Vectrix promised a top speed of 100 km / h, allowing it to depart from a strictly urban, and accelerations that would then also “made into any traffic security” as it is written in the books of hypocritically code . In short, the Vectrix has the air of butter without the butter offering money, and that’s revolutionary. It remains to verify.

Jig 650, 250 performances

The Vectrix Electric is impressive. With a wheelbase of 1,525 mm and the seat height 770 mm, it shows the template of a maxi scooter such as the Suzuki Burgman 650. Has the weight it too because the Vectrix is ​​given for 230 pounds, eight less than the Suzuki. Assembled in Poland, the Vectrix scooter looks good, overall. If design is not amazing (it’s a bit “dated” compared to the latest scooters arrived on the market), it lines are relatively homogeneous. Malthus, it offers a greater classicism Kymco Xciting 500 or Yamaha Majesty that form the dynamism of a Yamaha Tmax Gold Gilera GP 800 for example. Meanwhile, it facilities are good: there is year aluminum frame, Brembo brakes, Marzocchi forks, sachs rear shock absorbers and Pirelli tires. Somewhat too bad the “Chinese” come and spoil the visual quality Perceived. In terms of practicalities, we noted the presence of a wide storage compartment inside the fairing, controlled by pressing the key.

The under-seat storage with a capacity of 40 liters, keep in mind that purpose any object based on the power cord.
Promised battery capacity to “hold” power of 27 horsepower and 6.5 daNm in maximum load, and 10 horses and 2.2 da.Nm continuously. Performance beans should have not confirmed by our measurement device: a pilot with 85 kilos, the Vectrix has accelerated from 0 to 50 km / h in 5 seconds and from 0 to 80 km / h in 9 seconds (3.6 seconds and 6.8 seconds respectively against according to the manufacturer). However, the speed is consisting, or 101.1 km / h achieved in less than 400 meters, the distance covered in Less than 20 seconds. Even when they are taking Into account acts power mode. Our objective measurements showed That if bigger than a 650, not the Vectrix offers performance of 400 gasoline scooter, as claimed by it manufacturer, Those unjustly purpose of a 250 cm3.

A Remarkably smooth driving

Heavy and cumbersome, the Vectrix is ​​not so easy to drive. Contact: simultaneous pressure on the front and rear brake levers locks the system, the stalks are traditional handlebars. Initial singularity, obviously there is no start button, then you just have to accelerate … and that’s it! With the implementation of the batteries, the center of gravity very low appears. Lack of water heater and heat Have a engine, can create more space for the fork, with the key to a remarkable turning radius.
Immediately, it’s fun to drive the Vectrix that seduces: It Is simply outstanding. The lack of noise, vibration, instant response to the “throttle” make the American scooter “a real flying carpet,” Especially since the torque delivered by the batteries allows instantly such acceleration of very frank 50 to 100 km / h. Of the order of “gas” to the rear wheel, everything is here that softness and creaminess, the service responsiveness, and again, the picture of the “flying carpet” Describes accurately what it feels like to board. Kinematics propulsion – Transmission is a total lack of noise, vibration, or stray any grunt. Braking “classic” Entrusted to successfully dual Brembo have an “engine brake”: push the throttle and deceleration during slows the scooter with extra vigor, while recharging the batteries too briefly. It regrets the lack of parking brake.

Urban, but not more
If AND is really appealing to use, it is still necessary to be aware of the limits of the Vectrix before cracking and malthus to sort out the constructor arguments. Certainly, it allows a top speed of 100 km / h peak (for a single electric vehicle) and 100 km of autonomy (well above-the current small electric scooters). That Said, the Vectrix scooter also required to choose between cheese and dessert.

Maximum range can be reached only traveling at a constant speed of 40 km / h, and limiting delays and reminders. In short, use inconsistent with the “real lives of real people,” Because by using it more aggressively, actual life drops to 30 or 40 kilometers. Furthermore, it is rechargeable to 80% in Two hours, a full load requires five hours and the battery supply is quite noisy as when the scooter is in charge. “False problem,” will you say, 40 km is quite enough. It’s true, dear reader, purpose retort that there is life beyond the device. In France, the average journey home – work is 25.9 kilometers, and 75% of these trips are by private vehicle. As such, the Vectrix Can not Meet the Requirements of the “French way”. Despite remarkable performance, it remains year urban scooter, not peril-urban or sub. We also that the rating remaining battery display on the dashboard can be happy whimsical contents, each being brutally abrupt acceleration down the range…

A good compromise

It also not a light heart that i indulge in thesis comments and objections, because again, the Vectrix electric offers accreditation and outstanding performance qualities that promised a lot about the next superbike mark. Nevertheless, this scooter is for the time to book a lopsided equation. In addition, when using it potential, the Vectrix scooter does not offer much more autonomy than acts “small” electric competitors. Finally, there remains year ambiguity: that the manufacturer claims the batteries offer a lifespan of 80 000 km, goal elsewhere on the site www.vectrix.com, we read that thesis batteries have a life cycle of 1,700 recharges. So that’s 170,000 kilometers of autonomy (although theoretical, has-been pointed out) in reality it is around 50 000 km. The batteries cost more than € 1500 (order no doubt will the manufacturer remove this ambiguity in the marketing of Vectrix in France).

Anyway, it Vectrix electric scooter countries obviously the price of being the first of the line: there is No doubt that a few years in the progress we made such batteries will it allow increasing acts reach, and therefore proposal to become a must. In the present state of technology in 2008, it seems that the right is compromised certainly more in hybrid solutions, the image of what should propose in the near Piaggio MP3 Hybrid with. A machine that we will this as soon as possible on latestbikesinfo, stay tuned…

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