Test Zero Engineering Type 9: Sake racer or coffee-bobber?

After demanding Zero Engineering Type 5 with rigid and driving framework Evolution, Zero Engineering proposes its Zero Engineering Type 9 with the French public.
Test Zero Engineering Type 9: Sake racer or coffee-bobber? A coffee-bobber wanted like easiest to control of the Zero, with a suspended framework and an engine Twin strong Cam wood 88B with injection in feelings but not in vibrations.A motor bike of conquest this Zero Engineering Type 9? Considering the price and the exclusive character of the machine, that remains to be seen… Last year, a hand gallop of test had enabled us to discover Zero Engineering Type 5, its engine type 1340 Evolution and its rigid framework.

In 2012, Zero Engineering Type 9, new spearhead of range Zero has, it, astute and discrete back suspension. What to charm the most irreducible steps converted yet with phenomenon Zero. These motor bikes, distributed on our premises in all small series, arrive to us in right line of Japan where custom and culture always made the joy of the local preparers, whose uncontested Master remains Shinya Kimura.

The series production however brought its batch of standardized modifications, in dissension with the spirit of the artisanal and single machines developed by the founding father of Zero, from now on expatriated in the United States and president with the destinies of Chabot Engineering.

Test Zero Engineering Type 9: Sake racer or coffee-bobber?

Dear home base

The signed motor bikes Zero are good bases of preparation for their owners, who will not fail to provide with a superstructure their machines of a whole batch of accessories. Except that to 34 500 €, it is not frankly given and even ultra expensive compared to competition, Harley-Davidson and Victory Motorcycles at the head. But can imports the crisis: the Zeros are intended to easy customers which adore dissociating themselves, entrusts Xavier to us, the boss from Absolute Cycles, importer Zero Engineering for France.

“Nine times out of ten, our customers entrust to us small a preparation neat in our workshops. That goes from personalized painting to the preparation driving a little more thorough”. Dimensioned motorization it is the heavy one: Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 88 – V-twin injected of 1 450 Cm3 – seems indestructible and customizable with wish. What will be more for all future purchaser of the Type 9?   Except that Simone, it will stay at home! Zero Standard Engineering 9 is a motor bike of egoist whose mono saddle culminates to just 64 cm of the ground, which will not fail to charm the short-thighs.

Test Zero Engineering Type 9: Sake racer or coffee-bobber?

Once to the orders, the arms fall naturally on the handlebar but it is necessary to go to seek very before footrests as isolated as slipping. To supplement the table, the not suspended saddle is hard, small and not very accessible. Contact (on the left under the saddle), a flick on the button of the starter, V-twin injected hiccups and gives instantaneously voice via two straight-pipes to promising sonority.

The control units are minimalists just like the instrument panel which is summarized with a meter and some indicators wedged between the springs of the fork. With its almost 2.50 m length, Zero Engineering Type 9 is a genuine steamer, whose Avon Ball tires inspire a quite relative confidence and the buttocks are tightened as soon as the macadam is degraded while the machine is divided somewhat because of its disproportionate footing.

The new framework Shogun multi-ARM has the effect of adopting a back suspension with parallelogram, which confers on the machine pretence of damping and comfort. With front, one finds a fork of the type Springer 74 which equipped already Type 5.

Test Zero Engineering Type 9: Sake racer or coffee-bobber?

 Not frankly one to commutate!

With use, Zero Type 9 does not like the little places, normal the connections of bitumen and even less the tricky coatings where prudence is of setting. All this decorates of a turning radius worthy of one 38 tons and of a ground clearance limited enough. Its 260 kg in functioning order impose a control fluid on road and careful in circulation between the motors and other followers of bath-tubs on three wheels.

Dimensioned braking, the sizeable size of the two discs ensure effectiveness, corrosive and endurance in any circumstances. Noisy, the passage speeds must be virile, because box 5 proves particularly slow and obliges to break up its movements with firmness well. The twin-cylinder injected of 1,450 Cm3 is smooth and torque with wish, starting again on a thread of gas and spitting its 67 nags with the request.

What to brag on the highways but – alas – not very a long time because autonomy is ridiculous: hardly more than 130 km before passing by again with the pump, reserve of 10 liters obliges. With the daily newspaper, one will regret the absence of front mudguard, in particular the rainy days and on the dirty and gravel roads.

A detail which can nevertheless waste you the life, just like the heat released by the exhausts, particularly unpleasant downtown. Thus forget tongues and shorts of beach: choose rather a disguise bad servant boy, more in adequacy with the incomparable look of the machine.

Test Zero Engineering Type 9: Sake racer or coffee-bobber?

Assessment: First price of originality

To 127 € the kilo, Zero Engineering Type 9Engineering places the bar incredibly high for a motor bike which can accommodate neither luggage nor passenger. But it does not matter: it is the price to pay to roll frankly original without being necessarily tattooed Harley. Zero Engineering Type 9 is addressed above all to easy customers, which wish to dissociate themselves and roll on a machine different from that of the neighbor.

Test Zero Engineering Type 9: Sake racer or coffee-bobber?

And indeed, this travelling sculpture attracts all the glances and causes many interrogations on behalf of the motorcyclists or astounded passers by. It is second cool effect KIS. But from there to leave its check book…

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