The 2014 Kawasaki KX250F –A Better Bike Ride

Kawasaki has always been known for fine tuning its bikes which is quite evident with the models they have produced these past few years. The company has been improving its bikes in the 250cc category to keep them ahead of their competition. Aside from the fuel injectors, SFF fork and the chassis upgrade, Kawasaki recently enhanced its transmission system as well as introduced its newest feature which is the Launch Control Mode in their 2014 Kawasaki KX250F.


There aren’t any major changes with the way the KX250F looks like but when you take a closer look you will see that there is a new button found on the left handlebar. This button is for the Launch Control Mode which is the same as the KX450F. Simply hit the button if you want to add more traction to your wheels whenever you start your bike.

The Launch Control Mode can be turned on in first, second and neutral gear and when you switch to third gear, your timing will be reverted back to its origins. This new feature by Kawasaki is relatively simple and easy to use and it does help your bike gain more traction like when the road conditions are slippery. However, don’t use the Launch Control Mode at the gate as this will reduce your acceleration rate.

According to a professional rider, the Launch Control Mode is actually a nifty idea but it is best to be used only when starting on concrete or hard grounds since it helps reduce the back wheel from spinning too much.

In terms of chassis, the chassis for the KX250F is thinner by 29% which helps in enhancing the traction and feel of the front wheel. Although this is not really noticeable, you can actually feel a marked improvement on how the front wheel reacts to the terrain. The suspension system for the KX250F has been improved to accommodate the motor mounts recently added. However, the fork may appear too soft which can be bothersome especially when braking.

The engine of the KX250F produces a low-end mid-range power that is one of the best in the market today. In tight corners, expect the engine of the KX250F to respond well thus allowing you to get out of that really tight spot. The response of the throttle is snappy and crisp which makes this bike something worth trying out in the open.

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