The All New VMAX from Star Motorcycles

The best way to describe the Vmax by Star Motorcycles is that it managed to combine both brains and muscles seamlessly. This classic piece has a well-engineered body equipped with superior motorbike and forward-thinking technology that allows it to compete with the rest easily. Its compact, liquid-cooled engine delivers optimum performance regardless of its design thanks to its 1679cc V4 engine. For better road handling experience, the chassis itself is made from aluminium with the engine installed in a much lower and slightly forward manner for better centralization.

One difference that you will notice with the Vmax of today compared to its predecessor is that it has more power when it comes to braking and handling of the motorbike especially when riding in curves. Before, the Vmax was great in accelerating in straight roads but works poorly in terms of braking and handling. This problem was easily rectified by Star Motorcycles by giving their recent Vmax a sturdier frame and adjustable suspension system for both the front and the rear of the bike.

The Vmax also borrowed certain features from sportbike technology like their brake discs, slipper clutch, ABS, as well as their suspension system. It is also equipped with 18 inch tires that are mounted on aluminium wheels. With the 4.5 gallon fuel tank placed beneath the seat, you have a more compact body underneath you. These features help in completing the overall look of the Vmax and providing it with superior cruise control while on the road for better biking experience.

Vmax also has other interesting features to speak of such as:

  • Unique key design that is only seen in the Vmax model.
  • An Electronic Control Unit handles all the electrical components found in the Vmax including ignition, fuel injection and meters among others.
  • Headlights provide riders with sufficient visibility plus the LED taillight is bright enough to be seen by those riding or driving behind you.
  • LED indicator lights, analog tachometer, digital speedometer, and shift timing indicator are found in the instrument panel.
  • A multi-function display made from electroluminescence features fuel meter, transmission gear positioning, stopwatch and temperature of coolant among others.

The Vmax is priced at $19,990 and although this may seem a bit steep for you, with all the features and upgrades given to this motorbike, you are already getting good value for your cruising buddy. If you are looking for a great bike with superior handling and performance, this may just be what you are looking for.

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