Honda’s Concept of Oree Electric Motorcycle

A futuristic electric motorcycle is something every environmentally conscious rider would love to have. Honda Oree is a concept electric motorcycle model exhibited in 2008. It’s a zero emission two-wheeled cruiser designed by two German design students who are motorcycle enthusiasts themselves. The peaceful hum of an ultramodern ecologically friendly vehicle is the trend that Honda reflects to their consumers with their long running objective of clean transportation.

Manufacturers of electric motorcycles currently rely on a similar platform of a generic battery-run engine. Designs range from classic looking beefy bodied vehicles to the slim and light. The bodies carry a simple powertrain and a rechargeable battery pack. There’s no need for the conventional heavy engine artilleries and clutches.

The German designers, Nike Albertus and Andre Look, did not limit their ideas on the generic blueprint. The minimalist architecture suggested a circular power source with a simple belt drive and the least possible bearing to the back tires. Their design centers around the engine where a recharging mechanism is found and battery packs can be snapped in. The simple front end mechanics of hand controls and LED lights is a classic of all motorcycles but the tires show an edgy modern look without the spokes.

The seat hangs above the back wheel and there are no clutches visible for speed control. But the ambitious students speculate a speed of 120 miles per hour at 125 pound feet of torque. Button controls can prompt batteries all at once for more speed and power.

Honda broke through the US Market with their marketing slogan “You meet the nicest people on a Honda.” It could be the case as the Honda Oree generated a good response from bike lovers even as a speculation model. Honda has not fallen short to impress consumers with environmentally friendly vehicles in the past. It first released their alternative fuel vehicle in 1998 which was rated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the cleanest fuel-burning internal combustion engine. The company have also diversified into manufacturing thin film solar cells on October 2007. Honda’s advantage over alternative fuel and cutting edge cars makes it possible to address the public’s aspiration for more electric vehicles such as the Oree Motorcycle.

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