The VooDoo HooDoo Mountain Bike 2013


For riders who want to test their prowess on roads that are fast and flowing, the entry level VooDoo HooDoo mountain bike 2013 is the best choice. At first glance, you will notice that the frame is properly designed to make it sturdier and stronger in order to be able to cope with the kind of biking experience you are used to without being too heavy for your taste. What really makes the VooDoo HooDoo stand out is its parts such as those listed below.

  • 120mm Suntour Raidon – Compared to other mountain bikes that are said to be equipped with 100mm fork but can only get 80mm out of it before it seizes up, the VooDoo HooDoo gives you exactly what it said in its specs. The 120mm fork makes it possible for you to ride smoothly and since it is adjustable you can fix it just the way you want to for maximum comfort.
  • 680mm bars – This gives you more confidence in handling your bike as it offers the perfect grip.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes by Tektro – More reliable and consistent compared to the usual discs that are cable-operated.
  • Alivio Gears by Shimano – Although the steel chainrings are basic in design, it is still capable of providing you with smooth performance and it can actually last you longer compared to other gears installed in mountain bikes.
  • Maxxis Tyres – If you are worried that your mountain bike won’t have a good grip on the road, the VooDoo HooDoo is guaranteed to allay your fears as it equips its bike with Maxxis tyres. This brand is known for its dependability and surefootedness on the road regardless of its conditions.
  • Comfortable Saddle – Another thing that you will love about the VooDoo HooDoo mountain bike is that its saddle is comfortable. You can get grips that you can bolt in your saddle to prevent it from sliding especially when the weather becomes wet.

Although the overall weight of the VooDoo HooDoo mountain bike 2013 is at 30 lbs it gives you a sturdier hold on the road so you will know that your bike won’t simply fall apart due to overuse. When talking about the VooDoo HooDoo mountain bike, expect it to give you plenty of control and comfort that cannot be found in other mountain bikes.

In most entry level bikes, the one thing that can make or break them is their suspension. And with VooDoo HooDoo mountain bike’s Suntour Raidon, you know you are getting your money’s worth when you choose this entry level mountain bike for your off-road riding plans.

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