Yamaha XJR1300 ride impressions

Good sound and comply with regulations while
New muffler exhaust note
Without any such fairings to reduce wind resistance Yamaha photos XJR1300.

Ikakaru wind mercilessly throughout the body, the rider must Menaku everything themselves. 1300cc engine also is exposed, tank, seat, side cover, which consists of body, really simple silhouette Otobairashii. The engine has a number engraved in the air cooling fins. Stainless steel exhaust muffler is employed is beautiful, twin shock rear suspension. Korezo’s standards drawn by the style of my motorcycle. I understand that lusty body that large displacement at a glance, Yamaha’s design truly is. In sharp style that inspires sporty, and they often associate the feeling of volume, stupid,” “dull,” “heavy image and is not felt at all. The XJR design is consistent from the first seemed.

So let’s ride. In natural position, the handle has just extended his hand. Knee grip firmly determined to position some slight forward lean, and feel a sense of unity even faster bike. Woke up with a single-cell engines, and pulling the choke lever back to work as there is no cab car. By dropping the shift from neutral, the torque is very thick, but I ran fast enough to write such a shift will increase steadily to pull. Engine, but without such a jerky torque, fairly smoothly around, feel the fear that such an accelerator is not about to open. Without feeling like a lump of torque Shrew, but easy to use mild. But the modern motorcycle bound by regulations, the exhaust sound is not quite XJR1300. This was one out from the muffler, enjoyed a powerful exhaust note. Not louder, but have not heard that resonate with the sound quality beats. Large displacement force of the car, straight-4 engine is lightweight, has proudly played both. It sounds unmistakably unique collecting duct. I do, Yamaha’s technical staff?

Even up to the highway, fairly healthy. At low speeds, such as common sense is not nasty policeman still has concealed a potential vehicle engines also seem to be good for leisurely cruising. Instead of moving at high speeds, such as mega-cruisers, if I use long distance touring and running while enjoying the scenery thoroughly. So that no vibration and air-cooled engine because it’s going, never felt underpowered. However, once the accelerator wide open, and go To the fast lane, and all the way to the upper body Menaku not take the wind pressure, honestly tired. However, this is the fate of naked bikes, but whether it feels fun. Of course I have fun, I think that is also running at the speed brakes in mind common sense. I am in “the motorcycle is these things,” and easily conclude. While options are available to genuine bikini cowl way, this is a practical and well thought out set. If you wear cool, high-speed cruise will be considerably easier.

Suspension is good, beginning with the suspension of the winding clearly feels Orleans. Feel a sense of moving from moderate ground, go steadily on the accelerator opening. May touch the brake, high controllability. Such as the entrance of the corner, he performed well when braking to slow down firmly. International A class that is neither original, I can feel it is not a mediocre rider Sunday road racing experience. Highway from the city, XJR1300 to achieve a high degree driving up to the winding almighty. The total balance is excellent and, I would say that a bike like this.

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One Response to Yamaha XJR1300 ride impressions

  1. I live in the united states and the Yamaha xjr 1300 is not sold here
    I was wondering if you could tell me why? If emissions are the reason,
    I think that’s bull! I know there less emissions than a 2013 Harley.
    Is it because Yamaha just doesn’t want to pay the tariffs? any info
    you can give would sure be appreciated. Thanks